Saturday, August 5, 2017

Three-Legged Dog

I'm honestly at a loss as to what to do.

It's been confounding, actually.

Let's try and figure it out together, huh?

Years ago I had hip surgery. When I came out of the surgery effects I called the surgeon's office and said:

"My hip feels okay, but did you break my foot?"

The surgeon explained that sometimes there is foot pain. Sammy Watkins, the Bills receiver had hip surgery as well...

...he missed time with foot problems.

Okay, some nerve things,'ll come back.

I've been limping badly the last two weeks.

My foot has continued to feel like an absolute brick at the end of my leg.

Routine things:

Massages, trying to rest after work, on weekends, ice, heat, foot baths, anti-inflammatory...

...hell, my beautiful wife even rolled a ball on the bottom of my foot and rubbed my damn toes.

I was like the cartoon cat who ends up on the ceiling.

And it's summer.

Busy time.

"My phone rang every ten minutes," I said, as my phone rang at 6 p.m.

I have been considering which doctor to see for relief.

Been through them all.

"It's inflamed," they tell me. "Combination of hip, back, arthritis, gout. Stay off it if you can."

And here's the thing.

I drag it and mostly forget about it until the day is done.

"Sam! Get me ice!!"

As Kathy was rubbing my foot I felt resigned to it.

"You know what's the worst part?" I asked her.

"What's that?"

"I want to golf so badly that I passed a course yesterday and nearly broke into tears."

She laughed.

Listen, I know how life works.

People are really suffering.

A lot of people work chemo into their daily routines and try and fight back, but it gets really tiresome.

It's summer!!!

"Hey gimp," I hear seventy times a day.

"Here's the three-legged dog!"

Ah hell!

Time to get up.

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