Saturday, August 12, 2017

NFL News

My boys were in a state of shock on Friday afternoon:

Sammy was traded!

Sammy, of course, was the star wide receiver who cost the Bills two draft picks, insulted everyone when he talked about people and "their little jobs", spent a lot of time hurt...

...and didn't make the playoffs.

 I had mixed emotions about Sammy.

Jake met him three times and Sammy was very accommodating, taking photos with Jake each time, and even playing basketball with Jake and his friends. Jake said that they had him laughing a lot.

Then, I noticed that Sammy also had hip surgery - same repair I had - and he too has had feet problems since.

We're both elite athletes...

...something happens during that hip surgery that presents problems with feet!


Sammy is gone.

Then there was the announcement of the suspension of the Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Six weeks for being accused of beating up a woman on a few occasions.

People were crying!

"How could they suspend him for six weeks when he wasn't even charged with a crime?"

You know what's a better question?

How do the stars not get charged with crimes when there appears to be solid proof of men beating up women?

Cowboys fans are in an uproar, nonetheless.

There goes their season!!!

Come on, people!

Do you need to wait until he chops of his girl's head and the waiter who brings her sunglasses?

The royal treatment of these guys is sickening.

Suspend him!

Throw him out of the sport!

Put him in a cell...

...if he did it.

Just don't defend him because he can run with a ball.

Melky and Paris can run with a ball.

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