Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bartman Gets A Ring

I was watching the Bartman game.

I actually wish he would've kept his hands to himself so Alou would've made that catch because it would've been Cubs-Yankees in that World Series and the Yankees would've won.

Instead they lost to the damn Marlins...a team that may have only hit a half-dozen balls out of the infield.

I hated that World Series.

I also hate that Bartman was vilified. The Cubs gave up 8 runs that inning!

That was Bartman's fault????

Not the guy who walked four guys?

Not the 2nd baseman who booted a double play grounder?

The Cubs lost because the Marlins were better.

Same reason the Yankees lost.

But back to Bartman.

What a great name for such an event.

Regardless, people wanted to kill him!!

For reaching for a foul ball.

I got a foul ball at a major league game. It bounced off Kathy's hand and I dove two rows to get it...back when I could actually move!

It was exciting...

...and Blue Jays fans punished me for getting it.

I got pinched, punched and kicked...

...for a foul ball hit by Blue Jays legend, Dave Berg, in a meaningless game.

How was Bartman not going for it???

I think the Cubs did a nice thing.

Why not?

Now let him throw out a first pitch at a game...let the guy back into Wrigley...

...gotta suck to not be able to see your favorite team for 13 years because everyone wants to kill you.

Enjoy the ring.

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