Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Big Weekend!

On Saturday morning while shaving, I started to laugh when I had finished the right side of my face.

I thought about a day long ago when Jeff and I were on vacation in Florida. We had met a couple of girls and were headed to meet them. I was driving and he was in the passenger seat.

"I thought you were going to shave," I said.

"I did," he said, and he turned to show me the right side of his face. It was clean-shaven.

But the left side I was looking at had a five o'clock shadow.

"You shaved half your face?" I asked, in disbelief.

"Going for a new look," he said.

"These girls are going to think you're crazy."

"They won't forget meeting me," he said.

And it turned out to be quite the conversation starter. We laughed a lot. Girls didn't have a lot of patience, as it turned out.

But I decided not to go with half a beard for the big weekend.

The pepper 🌶 party was a smashing success. I ate a bunch of peppers. Had to! They were amazing!

Of course, the original idea for the party had been Jeff's and he would've been thrilled with the turnout and the sounds of laughter that echoed across Corinne's & Chuck's backyard.

There will be more laughter on Sunday as the softball tourney is ready to roll!

It's a lot of work because everyone shows up to play, and eat, and laugh.

"They won't forget meeting me," Jeff had said.


No one has!

What a great weekend!

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