Thursday, August 10, 2017

Are We Ready?????

The donations are coming in.

I swear, every year, every time someone reaches out, I get a little weepy.

It amazes me.

Yet, I also think of Jeff's days and it makes a lot of sense. He made everyone laugh, almost every time you had the pleasure of running into him.

The thing that was truly special about him was that he was always on. He always cared how YOU felt.

Which is why the day is special.

Because everyone shows up to show us how much he meant to them, and we mean to them.

What's better than that?

Well, I've lived a lot of days now, and the answer is...

...not much.

Mom will be thrilled seeing everyone and knowing that they're there to celebrate.

And my boys are talking smack now.

I only went to the plate a couple of times last year.

Not sure I'll even do one AB this year...

...but it doesn't matter.

And it's been a special year too.

Johnny has been involved in my family all year with trips here and Sam heading there and about a million face-time conversations in between.

The other morning I awoke to see that Johnny had texted me:

"Which song is this from, Bruce fan?" He asked.

He had sent it at 2:45 a.m.

The lyric was:

"There's a pillar in the temple where I carved your name."

It was early, but it took me less than 5 seconds to come up with tha name of the song:

"What Love Can Do," I texted back.

And the hook of the song is:

"Let me show you what love can do."

Every year, our family and friends show me.

I texted the answer to Johnny.

"That was the song that came out the day my Dad got sick," he said.

I know.

Thank you to all.

Showing us what love can do.

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