Thursday, August 3, 2017

Can You Believe It's August?

It seems like every time we start a new month someone mentions how it's hard to believe that we've arrived.

"Can you believe it's August?" One of the guys said on the job site.

"Well, July has 31 days and yesterday was the 31st so August arriving didn't actually shock me because I've known, since I was about three, that August follows July."

"A**h*le," he said. "Time seems to go faster is all I'm saying."

"Actually," I said. "Each day is basically the same amount of time as the day before. The months are always in the same order and so are the days of the week. I can't believe it's Wednesday! It was just Tuesday, like a matter of hours ago."

Yet, I knew what he was saying, of course.

I remember being a kid and thinking that the school year was eternal.

And Christmas!

Forget about it!!

It seemed like we were in a time warp as we hit December. Santa actually took forever to get there.

And maybe that's why time seems to fly by as we become adults. As kids we were waiting for things:

The end of the school year.



The next Bruce concert.

And as we waited we thought:

 "Damn! Time is going so slow!"

Now it's:

"Ah, crap. Christmas is coming. We gotta' get some money together."

And things are rushed now.

There is Halloween candy out in a store already.

Three month window for a second rate holiday?

"Hey," I called out to the guy as he was walking away. "September is next!"

"And it'll be here in a couple of days," he said.

He gave me the finger.

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