Friday, February 24, 2017

"I'm Watching My Mens"

Way back in 1988 I worked with a construction company that employed a full crew of men from Mexico.

They all worked hard.

Their foreman, Carlos, was a good man who mostly spoke Spanish, but took our kidding about speaking English when he was in the progress meetings. He would struggle with the nuances of the language and we would laugh. He would laugh along with us...

...most of the time.

One day, I was out with the owner of the company and as we drove by the tavern we saw Carlos duck in for a mid-afternoon drink. I decided to have some fun.

"Carlos, where are you?" I asked over the Walkie-Talkie we all carried.

"Upstairs," he lied.

"What're you doing?" I asked.

"I'm watching my mens," he said.

We parked at the front entrance of the tavern and Carlos came running out.

He almost ran smack dab into us.

"Your mens?" The big boss said.

I thought of Carlos during this week.

I also thought of Jose, who I know now...

...I've spent a lot of time trying to get him to perform his job safely.

Jose works hard too.

But for the past few days he hasn't been at work. Neither has his crew.

Evidently they are not completely legal.

(I never asked them).

They were on the projects...I just tried to get them in line.

Now they are going to be leaving, I believe.

It's a complicated issue.

One that should not be tackled in a simplistic manner, but will be, unfortunately.

I'm not ready to argue about any of it.

I'm just telling you that there are millions of people involved. Families will be ripped apart. Industries will be impacted.

Mens will scatter and hide.

"I'm not staying in Mexico," one Mexican man cried as he was deported this week. "This has been my home for the last 22 years."

His kids are here. He has been working here for all those years...not legally in every sense of the word...

...but he was assimilating and...

...he was paying his taxes too.

Evidently, actually paying taxes is for the people who are not smart.

I wonder if Carlos is still here.

If he is, maybe he better lay low.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Milo is in the news.

Big long last name...

...OK don't feel like looking it up to get the spelling right...

...He ain't worth it.

Milo is the big shot at Breitbart.

He said a lot about whether or not children...


...are decent sex partners for adults.

I couldn't even get through the reading of the statement.

Milo was talking about it being okay if the 13-year-old appeared to be sexually mature enough as opposed to one who isn't.

The thing about it is that Milo was going to speak at Stanford.

Remember that?

Those damn, filthy liberals protested it and Milo didn't get to speak.

The Tangerine threatened to cut off the Federal funding to the school.

Now this.

The book deal that Milo had was canceled.

Everyone and their brother spoke out against his vile comments and Milo came back with this:

"I'm not going anywhere!"

Well, here's hoping that Milo doesn't get anymore time anywhere.

There are certainly things that we can all agree on, right?

Children are children.

Rape is rape.

Milo is an a**hole.


...what garbage.

Good thing that no one associated with that hate-filled group doesn't have anything to do with our government, right?

What's that?

President Bannon used to run it?


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Easy Like Sunday Morning

The sun has been shining in Buffalo.

Maybe there is a climate change problem coming like all the scientists say (it's just a theory I've been told, by non-scientists) but if it calls in the sun in February...even for a few days...I'll take it at this point.

My Mom and my beautiful wife decided to do Bingo so my day would center around getting the pasta ready.


The hip is bothering me again.

So, lot of time off my feet, hang with the dogs, read a little.

I stayed away from any stories that dealt with the news and especially politics.

Checked out every baseball story I could find.

Ordered a new book for the phone.

A little paperwork...a movie...a new series on television.


Sunday has always had a special feel. When we were kids it all centered around dinner. We'd all play ball...everyone was home.

At night we'd all gather in the same room and watch the same shows...

...I keep thinking about The Jeffersons...

...I know they were on Sunday night.

Most likely all we need is the time to decompress and relax. I purposely did it on Sunday.

No pressure.





Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Beat to Death with A Hammer

The 48 Hours this week featured a woman who was beat to death by being struck with a hammer. They figured that she was hit 17 times.

"That's how I want to go," I said.

"With your mouth it's possible," my loving wife said.

We watch a lot of crime shows.

I'm not sure why.

Just seeing what humans do to other humans is mind-boggling, and of course, it's all about the people who are close to the victim.

They news programs usually play it the same way.

The surviving spouse will be on screen talking about how it was love at first sight. We see the wedding photos, the smiling faces...

...Life at its finest.

(Go to commercial).

The narrator tells us about how the marriage may not have been as perfect as friends believed.

The surviving spouse will say:

"I had an affair, but we were working it out. I had been forgiven completely!"

The evidence piles up.

The restaurant bills, the motel receipts, the loud arguments, and then the declaration:

"If someone kills me, it was my spouse."

At this point I'll yell out:


(Go to commercial).

The narrator tells us about other people who might've wanted her/him dead.

Now we have a real mystery!!!

"You think the husband/wife did it?" Kathy will ask.


"Why?" She'll ask.

"Because they were married, duh!"

(Go to commercial).

The narrator tells us that we have a stunning break.

The spouse is back.


There are twists and turns.

(Back to the wedding photos).

The new evidence shows that husband/wife may indeed have done it.

And then we get to the courtroom.

(Go to commercial).

That's when I fall asleep most weeks.

The next morning I ask:

"Did the husband/wife do it?"


17 times in the back of the head with a hammer!

Didn't see that coming on the old wedding day, did you?

Monday, February 20, 2017

Keep Punching

My brother John has a signed photo of Rocky Marciano who remains the only heavyweight champion of the world who is undefeated.


Rocky signed it:

"Keep Punching."

I think of that autograph a lot.

Life can really work on people.

A couple of weeks ago a buddy of mine told me about the double-shift he was pulling while being deathly sick with the flu.

"Sometimes life is too ridiculous to live," I texted back.

That is a Mellencamp line.

I think of that lyric a lot.

Last week I spent the first three days of the week with buzzing legs. My theory is that when the back muscles get tight the buzzing begins. Massage and rest sometimes takes the buzzing away. It got so bad early on that I used epsom salt and a foot bath as I watched a NetFlix show.

Keep Punching.

Sometimes life is too ridiculous to live.

The foot bath worked!

The buzzing stopped!!

And the ache in my hip started!!!

First job the next day?

A straight ladder to the roof deck.

Keep Punching!

Sometimes life is too ridiculous to live.

But the week came to a close.

The dogs were waiting to go bye-bye.

The kids were looking for fun.

Spring Training Started!

The sun came out in Buffalo!!

Punched my way through it.

So did my buddy with the flu.

So did my beautiful wife and her four straight 5 a.m. days.

The more you punch...

...the less ridiculous it becomes.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Earth Is Flat

Kyrie Irving scored the game-winning basket in the NBA Finals last year.

He also attended Duke University.

Seems like a reasonable guy.

Well, he made news on Friday because on a podcast somewhere he announced that the world is flat.

Wasn't joking either.

He explained that all this circle crap is just garbage that we're fed from an early age, and that it's not a theory. He KNOWS the earth is flat. You know, because it doesn't feel like we're walking on a circular pattern.

Watching Irving in an interview discussing the matter, I almost believed him...

...Except he went into the "fake information" spiel that appears to be all the rage these days.

New rules:

If something is reported that doesn't fit your narrative it doesn't necessarily mean that it is fake.

It might be because YOU are wrong!!!!

Now, Irving appears to truly believe that the earth truly is flat.

He says that he has proof.

He didn't offer any.

I'm unsure as to why THEY (whoever they are) might conspire to trick us all into thinking that the planets are spherical...

...But Irving isn't playing!

It's flat!!!

You shouldn't just take what the teachers tell you at face value!

Just because they're telling you it's not flat doesn't make it not flat!!!

You have to think for yourself!!!!

Okay then...

...Got it!

Thanks, Kyrie!

Watch where you're walking...

...Don't wanna' go over the edge.

I'm thinking it'll be a long drop.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Big Trouble

I am hesitant to do this, but I'm always honest about my day and my thoughts.

On Thursday afternoon I was driving from one site to another and I hit a button on the satellite radio, going from entertainment to news.

The president was giving a press conference.

 I listened for at least a half-an-hour.

"Fake news".


"I've never had anything to do with Russia."

There were run-on incoherent sentences, belittling people asking questions, telling stories, losing his train of thought and sniffing, sniffing and more sniffing.

I had a bunch of random thoughts:

1). He's on drugs.

He honestly can't go three words without sniffing. It was apparent during the debates, but it is even more apparent when just listening to him on the radio.

2). He talks in circles.

The "answers" are slow in coming. Around and around. When cornered he hammers favorite targets:

The Clintons (who are not involved).

The lying media.

Fake news.

3). He always doubles backs to him.

"Biggest electoral college win since Reagan."

"It's taking the longest time ever to fill my cabinet."

"We've done more than any president ever."

Those are all false statements, but in his world...that's the real news...everything else is FALSE!

4). We're in Big Trouble

He said that his administration is running like a finely tuned machine.

The ban was rolled out perfectly.

Flynn was fired.

His spokesman was reprimanded for doing a Ivanka Trump commercial.

The Navy Seal turned down the NSA appointment.

There is a BREAKING NEWS update every three hours.

Big trouble.

Thankfully I arrived at my final site for the day.

I was glad to get away from the radio.

My stomach was churning.

I replayed the bumbling, stumbling, rambling words over and over.

Big Trouble.