Friday, September 22, 2017

Extend the Netting!!

During the Wednesday afternoon Yankees game, Todd Frazier ripped a line drive into the crowd above the third base dugout.

The ball, which could have had an exit velocity at up to 115 mph, made contact with the face of a 2-3 year old girl.

Frazier immediately dropped to one knee.

Players on each side wore absolutely horrified looks on their faces.

The camera didn't pan to the scene in the crowd...

...I was thankful for that!

So sad.

It's the third time that a fan has been bloodied at a Yankees game this year.

Yeah, there are signs that say be alert and watch out for batted balls or flying bats, but what chance do fans really have?

The Internet debate started immediately.

The kid shouldn't have been sitting there!

The Yankees don't care!

What were the kids parents doing!!

We don't need stupid netting ruining the view from the expensive seats!!!

Come on now!

A three-year old kid got drilled in the face!

I sat behind the netting at the Kansas City Royals-Yankees game in KC a couple of years back.

If I looked at the net it was a pain in the ass.

If I looked beyond it...

...I saw the game clearly.

And I could look down to eat my $12 sausage, pepper, onion and macaroni & cheese sandwich without worrying about a ball knocking it out of my hand, or blasting me into oblivion.

(Good thing too because I ate two).

I once sat beside a woman who was hit in the face with a hockey puck...

...was actually the mother of the girl I was there with on a date...

It was awful.

Poor lady missed half the game!

A year later, the netting was extended at NHL games.

No one even remembers a game without netting now.

Get it over with.

The next person who gets blasted might be someone you know!

Might even knock the sandwich out of your hand.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Wipe 'Em Out

I've never been really comfortable with the whole "make a parking lot out of the Middle East" talk.

"We will destroy North Korea," is along the same lines.

I think back to the old Sting song where he crooned:

"The Russians love their children too."

That was back in the day when certain portions of the population weren't all pro-Putin.

Whatever...not a political post...just more of how I feel about things.

I'm sure that there are people of other lands who want to wipe America off the map. They'd do so without regard to any of the lives that we are living.

That's why the tough talk is lost on me.

There are real people in North Korea. People who just want to live a life and are more afraid of the "Rocket Man" than a fan of him.

Women, children, dogs, good men, good women...

...up in smoke.

Consider what a bomb can do.

Tear off body parts, leave people who survived, breathing toxic air.

Poverty, destruction, death.

Life is precious.

It's precious to the people of the United States.

Think of how much hatred was (and still is directed) at those who bombed us...

...those who attack us now.

Violence begets violence.

Imagine that we do drop major bombs, missiles, drone attacks...


And we take out hundreds, thousands, millions.

Will those who remain blame "Rocket Man"?

Or will they join the rest of those who will live to bring death to Americans?

That's the way I've kind of always looked at it.

Is there such a thing as the justified murder of innocents?

When does it end?

We turn Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Syria...

...into parking lots?

Would we be better off?

No nation should go it alone.

Was it an idle threat?

I hope so...

...and I'm betting that all the parents, over there, who love their children too...

...hope so too.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

One Shot At It

Heard about a high-profile DUI and the alleged driver was identified on the news by name and photo. Since I was awake about three hours before I needed to be I decided to check in on him.

Everyone is accessible.

Spent some time on the guy's Facebook page...

...reading about his life struggles.

People really put some awfully personal stuff out there for the world to consume.

Some of it won't serve the guy very well because he mentioned drinking to blackout and how he was happy that he'd kicked that habit...

...two weeks later... of being locked up and how it was time to change again.

Hard to feel bad for someone who perpetually puts the lives of others at risk, but just a couple of passes through...

...had me feeling lousy about all of it.

One go around.

That's all we get.

There will be people left behind when we leave.

"Uncle Bob was always drunk and in and out of jail."

Is sad to me.

Yet, everyone is on their own journey and the more I read about the guy, the more I hoped that after he is severely punished...

...that he finally gets on top of the struggle.

His timeline was an absolute blueprint of those struggles:

"I'm done with the booze!"

"Time to grind! All about work & making money now!!"

"So glad I went on the straight and narrow!"

And in between those declarations:

"I spent the night in jail 'cause I wasn't backing down...and I only had a few too."

"Hung the hell over."


...every day.

I must confess, too, as I thought about his horrific crime...

...he didn't kill anyone, but he most certainly could have.

Some innocent man or woman, or child, driving along...

...brought smack dab into the middle of this guy's struggle.

One shot!

Get on top of it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I'm of the opinion that eyebrows are just plain weird.

And that's because I have an eyebrow problem.

It's not a unibrow...some people suffer that affliction and look ridiculous...'s that my eyebrow hair remains jet black, like the hair on my head used to be...

...while the hair on my head is grey!

I read somewhere that they consider it a disease...

...well, I'm suffering because of it.

Recently, a buddy of mine snapped a photo of me... hair was a bit long and my eyebrows were a bit bushy...

So, the grey and black together brought comic results.

Over the course of the next three days (and two days after a haircut and eyebrow trimming) I endured photos of every man known to man with embarrassing eyebrows.


And the discussion has come up every time with whomever is trimming my hair.

"They're just shaped so weird," my beautiful wife will say if she's tasked with trimming them.

(She loves me anyway).

"We can dye your hair," the hot, young girl at Supercuts will mention.

I don't want to dye my hair!

I know guys in their 70's who dye their hair, and they look ridiculous to me. We are supposed to get old and grey.

My poor father-in-law stopped by on the day when my sister-in-laws dyed his hair (and God Bless him - he has more than me) but his hair had an orange tint to it.

"Dude," I said. "You look like Howdy-Doodie."

He touched the top of his head.

"Eh, they got the color wrong, sonsofbitches."

We both laughed.

(He actually stopped by yesterday too to argue some baseball (Indians fan) and his hair looked much better.

I give him credit too...

...he never once mentioned my freaking eyebrows.

Ah well...

...what can you do?

I'm way too good-looking anyway.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Just Get Yours

Read a study on Saturday that said that we, as Americans, are 40% less compassionate now than we were back in the 1980's.

The 1980's weren't all that long ago.

Yet, you feel it for sure.

There's a nastiness that hangs in the air.

Jay Thomas (RIP) was fond of saying that we always had lazy people to deal with.

"10% of the population has always been useless," Jay said. "Back when they were building the pyramids there were lazy bastards sitting on the sidelines saying 'This is stupid.'"

Jay went on to say:

"We used to take care of those people."

Perhaps there are more who fall into the "useless" category, but I suspect not. I believe there are more who've slipped into the troubled area, but they're still trying.

It's not laziness that is hampering them, but a changing of the rules. The American Dream isn't quite so easily achieved for some. Financial difficulties, healthcare questions, educational opportunities...

...there are a lot of reasons for a person's slide.

There should be no reason for a lack of compassion.

During the hurricanes there was a lot of humanity on display. People helping people. I was buoyed by some of what I saw...

...and then the DACA discussion took center stage.

800,000 people displaced?

I decided to read the comments section...

...shouldn't have done it.

"Send them back! Their parents broke the law!"

Back to where?

A child who has only known America at home is going to be sent back to the country his parents fled from?

I don't pretend to know the immigration answers...

...but it bugs me a whole lot when people are dismissed as disposable.

"Every creation has a purpose."

I started my book, Desperation, with that line.

I honestly try to put myself in someone else's shoes before I dimiss them or accept them.

Disregarding 800,000 people at a time seems short-sighted to me, but what do I know?

I haven't yet lost my sense of compassion.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Both Sides Now

I have mostly rock and roll on my phone that I play through my headphones by using the Bluetooth.

It's a miracle to me whenever it works.

I was on the riding lawnmower going in circles at Mom's house and Judy Collins came through the headphones to my ears.

I've written about it before, but man, every time I hear it, I think:

Perfect song.

Just wonderful.

Looking at life and live from both sides. Love is great, love is grand, ain't love a bitch? Love sucks.

And life is a bitch and then you die, as opposed to wonderful life.

We've all been on both sides of all of it.

Things that are gained and things that are lost... living day by day.


I have a couple of other Judy Collins songs mixed in... to listen to singer-songwriters.

On Friday night I talked about music with Sam.

He was mentioning Lil' Wayne, Drake and Eminem.

I was talking Bruce and Johnny Cash and the Stones.

He doesn't have to listen to my music, but someday...

...I hope he someday stumbles onto Both Sides Now...

...and appreciates that it's just perfect.

Even if she never had seizures from the grape drank, like Lil' Wayne.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Forgot the Blog!

A scramble of a Friday night as we made plans for dinner out following work, but Kathy got tied up and ended up heading out to Jake on the college campus because there were things he needed.

(I try not to get involved in those conversations).

So, it was just Sam with me and we were hungry.

We ordered like it.

Brought dinner back for my beautiful wife...

...and then I sat there...

...watching the Yankees pummel the hapless O's and catching up on social media.

Texted Sam (who'd gone to play hoops):

No answer.

Tried Kathy (who's phone was on fumes):

No answer.

Gave Jake a go: (he was also playing ball, evidently):

No answer.

And I started getting antsy.

Why couldn't they answer?

Yankees game ended. Chops were digested. Tried them all again.


Me and Melky went up.

Kept looking at the phone and thinking about how absurd the phone game has become. We all used to hide for hours! Now an hour goes by without contact and My God!

I was still reading when two cars came down the road.

Sam texted:

"Here. Hot tub in 30 seconds."

Heard Kathy moving around and dropped by to say hello.

Just another Friday night in the life of an old dope.

I could've wrote a blog at least!

Extend the Netting!!

During the Wednesday afternoon Yankees game, Todd Frazier ripped a line drive into the crowd above the third base dugout. The ball, which ...