Tuesday, October 25, 2016

There's Nothing to Eat

"There's Nothing To Eat!!!"

I really wish I had a dime for every time I've heard that through the years:

And we spend a fortune on food for these hooligans.

They just eat and eat and eat and eat.

Sam eats some sort of chicken each and every night...

...the chicken fingers, or chicken fries, or barbecued chicken is usually bathed in Frank's Red Hot Sauce.

Every night!

Usually within 2 hours of dinner.

You know what he eats immediately after dinner...

...for dessert?

A bowl of S'mores cereal!

What is also unbelievable is that there is usually a run to somewhere for something other than what we have here.


They eat a football field of pizza.


They turn up their noses at anything that isn't a porterhouse.


A cow would be nice...but I ain't milking it.

Which calls to mind my poor parents.

As much as my kids eat...

...they were not even close to what we ate as children.

Mom was talking about cooking 30 stuffed pork chops for us as we grew - for one setting!

We usually cooked 4-5 pounds of pasta on Sunday.

Four to Freaking Five Pounds!

A few weeks ago I was in the meat market. The same owner is in his spot behind the counter and he loves when me or my brothers stop by.

"You and Jim spend a lot of money in here," he told me on my last trip in. "But to be honest, you don't make a patch on your Dad's ass. The first time I checked him out here I thought he worked in a hotel restaurant. He told me that he was 'just feeding the family.'"

We both laughed.

"Thousands and thousands of dollars," Ed said. "He told me every time: My kids are pigs."

I know the feeling.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Chicago Cubs or Cleveland Indians?

The World Series matchup is set. 

Will the Cubbies win and break the 108-year skid?

Or will the Indians get that 68-year monkey off their back?

The photo above is a shot of Bob Newhart, a Chicago fan, celebrating with his grandkids.

Newhart has been a fan for all of his life and I doubt if he can remember when the Cubs last made the series in 1945. His grandkids have no idea what the big deal is all about, right?

But that's what is cool.

I told a little story about Grandpa Fuzzy laying down the law to me back in 1974. I loved Henry Aaron and that Atlanta Braves team - Evans, Aaron, Baker, Garr, Davy Johnson.

They hit a lot of homers...Hammerin' Hank was the king (still is).

"We're Yankees fans," Grandpa said...as if he were telling me that we were Christians...carried a whole lot of meaning.

Been a Yankees fan since.

And I have been blessed with a bunch of titles.

Yet there are long-suffering fans all around me.

Indians fans, Bills fans, some Cubs fans, Sabres fans.

Everyone has suffered for too long!

"If the Indians don't win at least they won the American League Championship," Jake said.

I decided to let Jake in on why people hate Yankees fans.

"When the Yankees lost in the series a few times, I never even acknowledged that the season was good. If they didn't win the Series I didn't even break out those stupid ALCS shirts."

Yes...both the Cubs and Indians have a lot to be proud of as the series gets under way.

But one of them will lose...

...and the streak will continue.

One fan base will continue to suffer!

And as a devoted Yankees fan...

...that brings me joy for some reason!

It should be a fun series.

I have predicted everything wrong all the way through.

But here you go...

...Cubs in 6.


The Chicago Cubs will win the World Series.

But just to show you what a mess I am when the Yankees aren't involved.

I'm rooting for Cleveland.

The Tribe 2016

Oh yea!

P.S. : I've always loved Bob Newhart.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Why So Angry?

There's a whole lot of anger everywhere you turn, right?

Political platforms are designed around tapping into that anger and serving it up in a world of promises that will be broken.

And some of the anger is warranted I suppose. Things cost too much. People feel cheated. They don't see the hope, but man, there's too much anger.

I was in traffic the other day. The guy in front of me came to a dead stop at a green light. Luckily, I braked in time, but I threw my hands up in the air in a show of disbelief at his move. He was moving again instantly but he had seen my hands in the air because he gave me the finger.  He had been confused by something, made a wrong move and a full minute later he just kept pumping the finger in the air as I went past him on the right. I caught his eyes for a moment and he was so freaking angry! He was in an all-out rage!

I waved as I passed in an effort to show that I was all right with HIS mistake and he kept pumping that finger out at me.


Later that same day I was in a convenience store. A woman was trying to pay for her purchase but the credit card machine was on the fritz. She had to actually put the card in a few times to get it to work...

...and then she went absolutely off on the cashier.

I was left with the cashier after the angry woman stormed out.

"What was I supposed to do?" The exasperated cashier asked.

We were both a little shaken by how nasty the lady had been.

And it kind of dawned on me.

There's too much damn anger!!

We've all been cut off in traffic. We've all had to wait to line at the store, the bank or wherever.

Do we have to be so vile to one another?

What purpose does it serve to dress-down someone else, or flip the guy off?

Just remember:

Life isn't a cakewalk for anyone.

Everyone struggles from time to time.

Let's all relax a little bit!

Be kind.

Tolerate the annoyances.

Easy to say...

...hard to do all the time.

Maybe it was just a bad day, but the anger seems to be all around, doesn't it?

Life is what you make it.

Try and have a little fun!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Your Phone Is Ringing

Having a real rough go of it with the phones.

As we last talked about, I was working with a phone that had a cracked front.

No big deal...

...but then the home button disappeared.

"I can fix that," Jake said.

He put a button on the phone that allowed me to move around.

I could deal with that.

But then I was using my headphones on a trip and I broke the headphone tip off in the port.


But then the phone rang and I was able to talk to the other person on speaker!

I couldn't live with that.

So, I consulted the family maintenance department and the head of the department said that she could start a claim that would get me a new phone...

...I had the insurance.

It would only cost me $200!

"Do it!" I said.

We got the phone. I waited patiently as all my new stuff was added.

The next day I went to sites...

...all excited!

I could talk, navigate and take photos.


I dropped it.

3 hours after putting it into action...

...it was shattered.


Thankfully we hadn't yet sent the first phone back so I was able to nurse it through the week.

Phone #2 was repaired.

It only cost me $140.00 more!

"We can't afford $340 a month for your phones," the head of maintenance explained.

Wish me luck!

Friday, October 21, 2016


Alec Baldwin has been doing a pretty good job of imitating Donald Trump on SNL.

He's going to have plenty of material after the 3rd debate.
First off, Trump invited Obama's half-brother and Sarah Palin... so hopefully Tina Fey will be there.

Secondly, he kept yelling out "WRONG!" while Clinton was talking.

Look, this has turned into a first-rate comedy show and it would most likely be hysterical if we weren't just days away from electing a president.

And after all this time I can say that I finally found some common ground with Donald.

I used to play my brother Jeff in video games.

Actually I was there for his amusement. He would simply annihilate me no matter what the game was.

"My controller is broke!"

"My seat sucks!"

"I can't see!!"

"You found a glitch!"

One excuse after another that would allow me to take a beating and leave with my head held high.

I wouldn't lose...

...I would get cheated out of it!

I can't wait for this to end, frankly.

Yet I must say that I'm wondering what world we will be living in on November 9th.

The same world, probably... with half the country acting nasty and mean and the other half acting mean and nasty.

Yet we need Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin to be front and center telling out "WRONG!"

One more thing I really want to end very soon:

The ass-kissers in the Trump campaign referring to him as 'Mr. Trump.'

Enough with the extreme show of respect...

...for the dude who respects no one.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The News!!!

Melania Trump was asked what she thought when she heard the old tape. Her first response was (she said):

"Donald, the language is inappropriate."

Who actually believes that it went down like that?

I can imagine what Kathy might say!

"The language is inappropriate" might take a back seat to "Get the hell out of my house, you creepy bastard."

She went on to explain that the poor 59-year-old guy was egged on by Billy Bush.


She has to start watching who her senior citizen hangs out with...bad influences can stunt the growth of an adolescent mind.

And to be fair and balanced:

Don't you think that Hillary needs an IT guy?

She certainly comes across as someone, like me, who is challenged by technology. I can imagine asking my wife or kids.

"Why is there a big 'C' on all the damn documents? Does that stand for Clifford?"

How about the guy who shot at Zimmerman getting 20 years?

Isn't it ironic?

Zimmerman showed up to chastise the guy about being reckless with human life.

How about the dude who was being interviewed and flat-out stated his attentions to kill Clinton if she became president?

If you didn't see that interview, look it up.

Guy might be the dumbest human ever!

He was pressed by the reporter and he made a complete ass of himself by saying:

"I'll be a patriot if I have to."


Watching a lot of baseball around here.

My kids are also fired up about the Bills and Sabres.

Yet I must be completely lost at living life because I can't understand how or why anyone would watch an NFL, NHL or NBA game and think that baseball is boring.

The baseball games have been epically entertaining and although I have watched very little football this year...

...I have often spent the latter portions of the games wondering:

"How much freaking time is left in this garbage?"

That's some of the news from here.

Anyone else sick of the election coverage, or hearing from a friend about how he or she will ruin us forever?

Whole bunch of nastiness.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Horrific Behavior

Reading the Sunday paper.

Guy in Buffalo received a feature article in the Buffalo News because he has a noose hanging from the porch rafters just below his Trump Mafia sign. Some of his neighbors are peeved because they see the noose as having racial overtones.

The guy said that he doesn't mean to be racial. His rambling, nonsensical explanation of the noose did not sway me.

I was reading a bit of Twitter during the Bills home game. Watching as little football as I ever have, but when they're playing a mile from the house it's difficult to ignore everything.

There was a 9-second clip of people playing a game called "Hit the Muslim."

A dummy dressed up to look like Colin Kapernick was shown being drilled by a woman.

Not easy to see which one is the dummy.

"Buffalo being Buffalo!" The comment section declared.

That's embarrassing.

Not to be undone there was another video of a woman, her pants at her knees, guy behind her....mouth in motion on her backside.

More whooping and hollering in the comment section.

"Bills fans having fun tailgating!!!"


How can you you live with being a participant in such an activity?

Will those people wake up ashamed??

We now have a presidential candidate screaming that the election is "rigged". There appears a better than average chance that the contest is over.

Yet the "I'm being cheated talk" is not just sour grapes.

It's dangerous!

Extremely dangerous.

"We have to be ready for a revolution!" One man put out there for all the world to see. "I have my weapons ready. We need to shoot black kids in the back."


Is writing something like that not a crime?

Are not all of the items mentioned illegal?

Isn't the candidate now inviting violence?

The candidate who is opposing him must go to prison?

That's 3rd world stuff.

All of it is.

Although one man's crime is another man's fun, I suppose.

"I've lived a long time," my Mom said as we spoke on Saturday morning. "I've never been more disgusted by what I've been seeing."

Me neither.

It should be stopped.