Friday, August 11, 2017

Bruce On Broadway

Bruce is going to play a bunch of shows on Broadway.

The shows are in October and November and the tickets go on sale on August 30th.

Here's the rub.

There are only 952 seats for each show.

Only about 38,000 tickets for all the shows.

On August 29th I will find out if I'm in the lottery to possibly get two tickets (which is the max).

"I wanna' go," Kathy said.

"Get me two tickets," my brothers each said.

"I will be there!" Carrie said.

A few things:

1). Bruce once shut down the phone system on the Eastern seaboard when his tickets went on sale.

2). I was once in a lottery to get tickets for a Bruce show in California. Didn't win. My brother, Jim, who was flat broke at the time talked me into driving to the venue to scalp tickets. I brought my entire paycheck, believing we would pay at least 5 times the price for each ticket, and we ran into a honest guy. He sold us two for a total of $20 over the purchase price.

"I could've got more," he said, "but I hope you guys enjoy the show."

We did.

3). Back in '96 Bruce did a solo tour for his awesome 'Ghost of Tom Joad' record. There was no introduction. He carried his own stool out and said, "Hi, I'm Bruce."

And then he performed a freak show for three hours, playing the guitar, harmonica, the drums with his feet, talking and laughing.

I can't rub my stomach and tap my head at the same time and he played 25 songs by himself. My favorite part was at one point when he was mid-song:

"Come on, band!" He said, and then went off on each instrument.


Wish me luck.

I really want to go!

When Bruce announced that the band would be off for 2017, I was dismayed.

Now there's a chance!

952 seats.

50,000 people looking to sit in one.

I like my chances!

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