Friday, January 30, 2015

The Honorable Judge

There are people who just storm into your life.

And stay there forever.

Ward Weiser was my father's friend...


He was also my friend, John's friend, Jim's friend, Jeff's friend, Carrie's friend and Corinne's friend.

He was a friend to all of our spouses and our children.

Ward, who spent years as a Judge, was larger than life to all of us.

The photo of Ward and Jim tells the story.

You can see how much those two men enjoy standing next to one another. When Jim called to tell me that Ward had passed away I just kept thinking:

"Ward is too important to die!"

There were a lot of people who loved being in Ward's presence.

Little secret:

Ward called me: 'Clissy.'

He always did...from the time I was a toddler. He once told me that he had tried to say 'Cliffy' and it came out 'Clissy' and he just went with it.

Ward was the only guy who ever called me 'Clissy'!

I loved when he did.

The love between our families has been there for all my life.

Ward and Mary are legends in North Collins.

You could just feel the love between the two.

You just knew that they were people who got it right, lived it right.

Worked hard and loved life...


When we were living in California, Dad once called Ward just to chat. We found out that Scott was on the base right next to our apartment in Mountain View.

Scott ate every single meal at our place after that.

(That's no small thing - Scott likes to eat!)

Yet, it was Dad and Ward's friendship that spurred all of our friendships with Scott, Matt and Maria.

The Fuzzy's and the Weiser's love being around one another.

It's just a fact!

Ward also officiated at my wedding.

Despite the fact that his voice was soft from unbelievable medical battles I needed Ward to be the guy who sent me off into marriage.

My beautiful wife was initially skeptical because Ward was speaking so lightly, but three minutes after meeting Ward...

...she understood.

(At least he didn't call me 'Clissy' for the vows!)

The subject of my marriage came up the last time that I saw Ward.

"I got married by a judge," I said. "I should have asked for a jury."

Ward laughed.

And I don't say that lightly.

When Ward laughed his entire face lit up. His eyes smiled. His mouth smiled. His heart smiled.

He wrapped an arm around my shoulder. His voice was still a little raspy.

"I've always loved you guys," he said.

The feeling was mutual, buddy.

And it ain't over.

Our love for you is alive and well.

Every once in awhile...I'll smile with everything I have...

...and I'll think of my buddy Ward.

Binge Drinking

It all started with a text from my college buddy, Rosie.

He asked a question about a long ago event and copied two others:

Gag and Fluffy.

So, the four of us went through our memories.

Remember when...

Well, coincidentally the Buffalo News ran a story about a college kid, from Buffalo, who died during a fraternity initiation at West Virginia University.

My heart goes out to the family of that kid.

His B.A.C. was .0493, or there about.

The poor child never had a chance.

In the backdrop of the texts that were going back and forth I thought about my own children. I considered all the really, really, really stupid things that we did.

I was blessed to have great friends.

We watched out for one another.

We did stupid things, but we made sure that we were around the room by the end of the night.

Could there have been a horrific ending for one of us?

Of course.

We saw some really rough things in college.

Girls that had passed out cold.

Kids that were so drunk that they couldn't stand up.

Some kids certainly didn't know when to stop.

There were certainly fraternities that pushed the envelope.

We'd drink beer out of a bong.

We'd play drinking games watching television or shooting pool or just talking.

As a 50-year old man it all seems rather stupid, but I laughed a lot as we texted our way down memory lane.

"I can't remember nothing!" Gag texted at one point.

Yet we made it through.

We drank a lot of beer.

We did stupid things.

We got away with it.

Maybe because we watched one another fairly closely.

Maybe we just got lucky.

I hope I never read another story about a kid drinking to death in an effort to try and fit in.

I pray that those in charge can somehow get on top of this... every school... every state.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

D.B. of the Week - Sheldon Silver

Another easy one.

In fact, if Silver is guilty of what they are saying that he's guilty of then this should be a lifetime achievement award.

Of course, Sheldon Silver is allegedly a crooked politician.

Go figure.

The story goes that Silver received millions of dollars for absolutely nothing.

He abused his power to do favors in order to receive a healthy paycheck.

Sheldon Silver is the D.B. of the Week and has probably been the D.B. of a whole lot of weeks.

And this is where I go off on a bit of a rant.

There aren't many people I despise more than those who steal money from the hard-working people of this or any other state.

I am also quite annoyed that any discussion of politicians ends with one or the other party saying:

They're all a bunch of crooks.

Why do we accept that as just the way it goes?

How in the hell is Silver still sitting in the assembly as he answers the questions about these charges.

Yeah. Yeah.

I get innocent until proven guilty, but don't we have a restricted list for allegedly crooked politicians?

Why do we allow special interests to run this country?

Why can people put $800 million dollars in a fund to get the officials they want to get elected?

Why can you steal a ton of money and be deemed as powerful while the slob who doesn't want to work, who sits home, takes all the flack for the pennies they are stealing from the social security system?

In other words:

Why do powerful guys like Silver get away with it eventually?

When I was on the plane last week the guy seated next to me was watching The Wolf of Wall Street.

He laughed all the way through.

Well, here's a secret.

I hated that movie.

I hated the book - which I couldn't read.

I don't think it's cute when people steal millions.

It aggravates the hell out of me.

I have been saying for years that the upper class is robbing the middle class and they have convinced the middle class to blame the lower class!

Millions and millions.

Lying, cheating and flat-out stealing.

You know what happened to the dude from The Wolf of Wall Street?

He paid a fine and received a token visit to a country club.

Now He lives in a mansion.

I'm sure that we would all steal a hundred million if we knew that our only penalty was a $2 million fine.

Here's hoping that Silver pays the price if he is found guilty.

Really pays the price.

What a D.B.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bruce Does One Because He Has To

January 27th is a lousy day in Fazzolari history. It was six years ago when Jeff was stricken and all through the day yesterday I thought of how many days have passed since...the pain just doesn't go away.

Bruce let me consider hope.

"Across The Border" - Bruce Springsteen - Ghost of Tom Joad

Tonight my bag is packed
Tomorrow I'll walk these tracks
That will lead me across the border

Tomorrow my love and I
Will sleep 'neath auburn skies
Somewhere across the border

We'll leave behind my dear
The pain and sadness we found here
And we'll drink from the Bravo's muddy water

Where the sky grows gray and wide
We'll meet on the other side
There across the border

For you I'll build a house
High upon a grassy hill
Somewhere across the border

Where pain and memory
Pain and memory have been stilled
There across the border

And sweet blossoms fill the air
Pastures of gold and green
Roll down into cool clear waters

And in your arms 'neath open skies
I'll kiss the sorrow from your eyes
There across the border

Tonight we'll sing the songs
I'll dream of you my corazón
And tomorrow my heart will be strong

And may the saints' blessing and grace
Carry me safely into your arms
There across the border

For what are we
Without hope in our hearts
That someday we'll drink from God's blessed waters

And eat the fruit from the vine
I know love and fortune will be mine
Somewhere across the border

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"You Suck!"..."No, You Suck!"

Social media is really nasty sometimes.

If you follow a celebrity on Twitter do yourself a favor and look at one of their posts.

There will be ten people praising them.

And probably twenty people hating on them.

I don't know how you could get through the day if you read all the negative responses.

And some people don't give a crap about how low they go.

Take for instance the story of Hugh Greenwood, a basketball star for UNLV. Greenwood's Mom has breast cancer and she has really suffered. Greenwood has taken up the cause, doing his best to raise money.

Doing what he can to feel like he's helping out his mother in a situation that he just can't control.

This is what Greenwood read on a post that he made regarding his mother's fight:

"The only line being crossed is the line between life and death that your Mom is on."

Any decent human being who reads that is appalled, right?

Any human being who writes that shouldn't be allowed to be called a human being.

It's not funny.

It's not cute.

It's not even well-written.

Yet what is happening here is that Twitter and Facebook has allowed everyone to have a voice.

Even people who can't write a coherent sentence.

Greenwood took the high road. Of course the words hurt him, but he simply called the guy a coward. He said that he knows that it comes with the territory.

But why does it have to?

Where is civility?

Of course I'm active in social media. I try my best not to type a response when I'm angry, or confused and I certainly don't follow people just to hate on them.

(Not since Curt Schilling blocked me...and I didn't even hound him too bad...made one financial joke...and gone!).

Yet Greenwood shouldn't be exposed to that type of hatred...

...and stupidity.

I don't think that the answer is to regulate what is being said...

...but some people really are too stupid to be allowed to have a say.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Just Chillin'

When I was on the road I'd call home to just hear the voices of my family and find that they were all right.

Sam was usually the one who I had to chase down because no one answers the house phone.

Me: What're you doing?

Sam: Chillin'

And when I walked in the house they were all a bit too excited to show me how clean the house was.

Sort of like kids who clean everything up the day when their parents get home from a trip.


We kicked the discussion off as I prepared Sunday dinner.

"How'd you guys eat while I was gone?"

"We managed."

I had counted the take-out boxes in the fridge.

I hate boxes in the fridge. Why are we cooling off huge boxes for a few leftover fries that won't be eaten?

"Was anything cooked when I was gone?"

"Chicken fries," Sam said.

Of course, the clutter was all gone.

"Was the house a mess most of the time?"

"Of course not," my beautiful wife said.

Yet Sam confessed.

"Remember the laundry that you folded the day you left?" He asked.

I distinctly remembered it because I had almost missed the plane to get the laundry ball rolling.

"We finally switched the load from the washer to the dryer...yesterday."


The relaxed camp atmosphere is gone.

Camp Clifford is once more closed.

"Yo! Put your glass in the dishwasher," I said.

"When you going back to Vegas?" Sam asked.

They need me here.

If my trips were any longer I'd find them buried in an avalanche of filthy laundry and takeout boxes.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Born Yesterday

Life is weird.

Leading up to the Vegas trip I had talked myself into really craving the warm weather.

When I stepped off the plane late last night and walked outside the freezing air hit me in the face and I thought:

Thank God, I'm home.

Now don't get me wrong...I enjoyed going outside in shorts and a tee-shirt.

I enjoyed being around the excitement and craziness that is Vegas.

I really enjoyed making a speech in front of a packed room and having them all leave that room talking about me.

As I told one of my co-worker buddies from Syracuse:

"I didn't come here to make the second best speech."

I had jet-lag really bad.

I woke at about 2:30 for the 7 a.m. conference and then stayed out until 1:00 the following morning.

I'm 50!

I can't do that anymore!!

There were steaks.

Three of them.

One better than the last.

And then there was the frozen air hitting me in the face.

A lot of the people I met said:

"You're from Buffalo?"

Then they'd ask:

"How can you live there?"

We'd laugh, but what I should have said was:

"Very comfortably."

Sometimes it seems like we're born yesterday.

Never in quite the right place to feel content.

Our minds wander to faraway lands.

It's good to be home.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Super Bowl Preview

Some predictions about next week's game:

1). Marshawn Lynch will continue to be an a$%^ole.

Lynch is an unbelievable force. When he was here in Buffalo he got into beast-mode and he ran down people - on and off the field. He's been arrested for gun charges. There are suspicions that he is a gang-member. He won't talk to the media. He ravaged the neighborhood he lived in when he was here in Buffalo.

Western New York wanted him gone.

Then he went to Seattle and grabbed national attention.

They won the Super Bowl and he was great...on the field.

Off the field he continued to act like a jerk, but a funny thing happened...

Nation-wide people think he's cute.

He makes a mockery of the media.

He grabs his crotch when he scores.

I'm guessing that he'll do that next week too.

2). New England won't say anything either.

Tom Brady talks about his teammates and is gracious.

People hate him.

Bill Belicheck speaks highly of his opponent, in monotone.

People hate him more.

They won't say a single thing that means anything.

If asked about "cheating" they'll themselves.

3). The Refs will suck

They suck every game.



It's disturbing, to be sure, and the NFL will eventually get burned in the absolute biggest moment.

Will this be the year?

4). Millions and millions will watch...mostly because they're betting

Baseball is a better game.

People talk about how "exciting" football is, but it's only because it's packaged with bells and whistles and because...

...people are wagering on everything!

It's a form of legalized gambling.

Point spreads. Fantasy leagues. Squares.

Does anyone even actually care if they line up and play football?

5). The Final Score

There have actually been a few entertaining Super Bowl Games.

Giants-Bills, Titans-Pats, Giants-Pats, Steelers-Cardinals...all good games.

The game between the Seahawks-Broncos last year wasn't.

There have been a lot of duds over the years.

Broncos-Giants, Bills-Cowboys, Bills-Redskins, Bills-Cowboys, Raiders-Redskins, Raiders-Tampa...

...a lot of duds.

This one won't be.

But I think the better team is actually New England.

And I think they'll win.


A late touchdown will end all suspense.

And I won't win a square.

But I'll get a hoodie!

Friday, January 23, 2015

What You Got


You're unsatisfied with your life...

...while others dream of living your life.

A child on a farm sees a plane fly overhead and dreams of flying...

...while a pilot on the plane sees the farmhouse below and dreams of returning home.

That's Life!

Enjoy Yours!!

If riches were the way to happiness then the rich would dancing in the streets...

...but only poor kids do that.

If power ensures security then officials should walk unguarded...

...But those who live simply...

...sleep soundly.

If beauty and fame bring ideal relationships

then celebrities should have the best marriages.

Live simply.

Walk humbly.

Love Genuinely.

It'll come back to you.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

D.B. of the Week - Greg Anthony

We watch a lot of college basketball in my house.

My son Sam loves the Villanova Wildcats.

So much so that we have to watch nearly every game.

I don't know how, but he finds the games on channels that can only be played on the big television.

"You're going to bed at nine," he'll announce to me. "The Wildcats are on."

Yet I use television as background noise, really. I'll go to social media, read newspapers, send emails...all the while listening to the hoops and hollers of a crazed fan.

I find myself rooting for Villanova, of course...but I also hear all the announcers and know the standings.

One such announcer...Greg Anthony...who used to do the games for now the D.B. of the Week.

Anthony lost his job this week.

You know why?

Not because he wasn't a good announcer...

Not because he didn't know the game...

Not because he wanted more money...


He lost his job (which I'm sure paid him millions) because he was arrested.


Domestic violence?

Nope and nope.

Anthony was arrested for solicitation of a prostitute.


A 47-year-old man was picked up by the police for trying to pick up and pay for the services of a prostitute.

Just a weird story, actually.

"He's a good announcer," my boys said.

He was.

No one will touch him now.


He lost a great job, calling the game he loved, for a crime that is 'only' punishable by a fine less than $2,000.

That's a D.B. move.

And one may ask...who is he really hurting?

Well...himself...for one...that's a tough gig to lose.

Congrats, Greg Anthony...

11 years in the NBA.

A great college career.

A good announcer.

Millions of dollars...


You'll be remembered as 'that dude who tried to pick up the prostitute'

(there seriously has to be a lesson there)


D.B. of the Week, of course.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Despite the fact that I complained about the sport all year - and it is a pretty lousy sport, overall - we did watch the football championship games over the weekend.

"Who you got?" Sam asked late last week.

"I want the Packers and Patriots," I said.

"Ugh," he said. "I can't believe you like the Patriots."

We got into the discussion about discipline, organization and not tooting one's own horn.

(Now a lot of people hate Tom Brady and his hoodie wearing coach in these parts, but they are not loudmouths about their work).

I admit they can rub people the wrong way...but have you ever heard them brag?


We watched the games together.

Early on we were thrilled with the Packers winning because we are not a fan of the Seahawks running back, Marshawn Lynch, or Richard Sherman or even Doug Baldwin...or Pete Carroll...

...they are loud, crotch-grabbing, and full of the "everyone doubted us" hate talk that seems to come with every win.

But the game got away from Green Bay in a classic meltdown... there was general discomfort as game 2 began.

"What if the Patriots win it all?" Sam asked.

"I'm gonna' get a Championship Hoodie so I can store stuff in the pockets and I'm gonna' wear it around your aunts, uncles and grandmother."

Sam loved that.

"They'll rip you limb from limb."

"Why do you have to aggravate everyone?" My beautiful wife eventually asked.

"'Cause it's fun."


The game wasn't close.

The Patriots were an absolute machine and eventually won 45-7.

After the game they were being accused of cheating because the footballs they supposedly were using when they were on offense had less air in them then the ones the Colts were using.

The story picked up a lot of steam in Buffalo.

"I knew it!"

"They always cheat!!"


Calm down, folks.

They've won 70% of their games over the last 15 years.

Is it because the football they've been using an ounce lighter than the one their opponents have been using?

And I must admit...

...that's not truly gamesmanship...

...but at this point it appears they'd win if they were using a medicine ball and their opponents had the regulation football.

I prefer to think it's more about the discipline and the game plan.

Then again.

I don't really care.

I just wanna' win some squares....

...and aggravate a few people along the way.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

One Hundred Sixty One to Two

Sam's basketball game was a tad lopsided this weekend.

I think the final score was 85-37, or something awful like that.

Well, that was a virtual nail-biter compared to the 161-2 final score in a girls basketball game in Southern California.


Why continue to play the game?

And of course there will be people out there who will stand on the other side of it and say that the coach of the great team has no responsibility to pretend not to try.

"We're making babies out of all our kids!"

"They shouldn't just get a ribbon for participating!"

I hear ya', but this is a different story.

I played in a game that was out of hand in the same manner that Sam's was.

I distinctly remember how I felt as that game played out.

The clock didn't seem to be moving at all.

They'd score and laugh.

We'd shoot and miss.

Up and down the floor, over and over and over.

The thought I had in my head was the same question I asked earlier...


We'd get to the huddle and the coach would implore us not to quit, or to pretend that the game was tied.

"Win it from here on out!!!" He screamed.

Four minutes later we were back on the sideline...we'd been outscored 12-1.

"Don't quit!"

I can't imagine how the girls on the losing team of a 161-2 game felt.

The winning coach claimed that he only ran his offense for the first half.

He was suspended anyway.

The parents are screaming.

Both sides of the argument are being heard.


Spoiled sport!


The two points came from 1 made free throw in each half.

They didn't even make a single shot from the floor.

That's a learning experience?


Monday, January 19, 2015


I actually call the first designated Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

There were a lot of people opposed to the declaration of the day.

There are still people who make jokes, comments and asinine suggestions.

They should read these words and think about them as they pertain to what MLK was trying to do.

"We cannot walk alone. And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead.

We cannot turn back...

I say to you today...

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character...

One day, little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls... sisters and brothers.

I have a dream


This is our hope.

Work together.

Let freedom ring."

I don't quite think we're there yet.

Do you?

Fifty years later we couldn't accomplish what sensible people know is true?

I think the dream is more alive than ever...but on what is essentially just a partial day off across this nation...

...think about those words a little.

MLK wasn't really asking for a whole helluva' lot if you think about it.

Yet it still hasn't truly happened.

And there are still a million reasons why.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Featured Work of the Week - Book - The Short & Tragic Life of Robert Peace

Just the title makes you read the story with a horrible sense of knowing what is going to eventually happen.

And that led to the suspense of it all.

Who is Robert Peace?

No one, really.

Just a black kid from a tough part of Newark, New Jersey.

I won't spoil much, because the book is worth looking for, reading and thinking about.

Yet Peace's Dad gets in trouble and is sent to prison for what amounts to the rest of a sad life.

Peace's Mom works so hard every day so that her son can live a better life.

And Robert Peace worked hard...

...real hard.

Academic honors.

Everyone loved him.

He worked even harder.

And as he achieves there's a sense that he will rise above, but a dread in knowing that his past might come calling to claim him.

(Damn. I should have written the back copy for the book!).

Yet, what happened to me as I read it was that I struggled hard with the nature versus nurture debate.

Was Peace's life doomed from the start because of the sins of his Dad?

Could Peace turn it around and break the generational cycle of poverty, drugs, abuse, misery and blame?


Read the story.

It'll stay with you a good long time.

Do we need to make the same mistakes that those before us have made?

Is there really a better life to be had for a lot of kids who are growing up now who are being disregarded by the "higher" tiers of the society that has forever kept them down?

There are a lot of arguments to be had once two people have finished reading about Robert Peace.

In my head, I argued both sides of it.

In the end...

...tragic about sums it all up.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mellencamp's Turn Again

I clearly recall the day this record came out.

I was drinking beer with all of my brothers, my buddies Scott Weiser, Chris Heinold and John Cataldo.

I had listened to the record over and over and over again.

John said: "You seem quiet tonight."

I remember telling him that the words to Check It Out just sort of blew my mind.

Cut to last year.

I watched Mellencamp perform the song live.

He made it so real again.

What have we learned?

All this time on the planet.

This all that we've learned about living.

It's still mind-boggling.

Check It Out - John Mellencamp

Million young poets
Screamin' out their words
To a world full of people
Just livin' to be heard
Future generations
Ridin' on the highways that we built
I hope, that they have better understanding

Check it out
Goin' to work on Monday
Check it out
Got yourself a family
Check it out
All utility bills have been paid
You can't tell your best buddy
That you love him
So check it out
Where does our time go
Check it out
Got a brand new house in escrow
Check it out
Sleepin' with your back
To your loved one
This is all, we have learned
About happiness

Check it out,
Forgot to say hello to my neighbours
Check it out
Sometimes I question my own behavior
Check it out
Talkin' about the girls, we've
Seen on the sly
Just to tell our souls
We're still the young lions
So check it out
Getting' too drunk on Saturdays
Check it out
Playin' football with the kids
On Sundays
Check it out
Soaring with the eagles all week long
And this is all, we have learned
About living
This is all, we have learned
About living

A million young poets
Screamin' out their words
Maybe someday
Those words will be heard
By future generations
Ridin' on the highways that we built
Maybe they'll have a better understanding
Check it out
Maybe they'll have a better understanding
Check it out
Maybe they'll have a better understanding
Check it out
Maybe they'll have a better understanding
Check it out
Hope they'll have a better understanding
Check it out

Friday, January 16, 2015

Charlie Hebdo

It's taken me quite awhile to comment on the massacre - credited to Al Qaeda - in Paris.

Partly because violence of that order is too upsetting to really consider, but also because it's so ridiculous on so many levels.

The Pakistani Muslims have issued a new death sentence for the staff after the new edition of the magazine was released just a week after the mass murder.

Here's why it's all so ridiculous.

1). Violence in the name of religion always has been and always will be a concept that is lost on me. I gain spirituality from my religion. It's supposed to be about love, right, stupid heads?

2). And I say 'stupid heads' because if it weren't so tragic it would seem to be an argument that third-graders might have. I know that Mohammad is not supposed to be shown in photos because he's a prophet and not a god. Allah is the only god. Mohammad being bandied about in photos is akin to taking some of the shine off of Allah, so the photos of the prophet are forbidden... I have that right?

If so...why react when the photos are shown?

"Don't let them see you sweat," is a common phrase.

"If you don't act like it bothers you, they'll stop," My Mom used to tell me when the brothers and sisters were torturing me.

(That certainly didn't always work...and I never could keep my big mouth shut anyway).

The staff provoked the fanatics. The fanatics made good on evil...

...all in the name of love?

3rd grade.

3). I am very much against someone censoring books, magazines, movies...etc...but we all know that free speech doesn't mean free of consequences.

There may very well be consequences.

Yet, book burning and the such has always got my goat.

Why should books be banned because they offend a particular portion of society?

We will never all think the same.


I often tell the story of the elderly woman who showed me the copy of Desperation that she had brought to a book signing at Barnes & Noble.

She had yellow highlighted every single curse word.

"How do you feel selling such vile content?" she asked me.

I thought about explaining that the character I had created was supposed to represent pure evil in the story.

Pure evil doesn't say, "Golly gee, I'm thinking of having sexual contact with you without your consent."

The pure evil existed in the story to illuminate the untainted love of the main character.

It was necessary!

Yet, I said none of this to the elderly woman.

Instead, this was our exchange:

Her: How do you feel selling such vile content?

Me: Did you purchase that copy of the book?

Her: Yes, of course.

Me: Good. Now get the f^&% away from me.

True story.

It's hard enough to create.

I'm not for the F-word for the sake of just saying the F-word, but that lady angered me.

She hadn't even tried.

I certainly sympathize with the families of those murdered writers and editors.

It's beyond comprehension, of course...

...but it's certainly not a major surprise either.

I've been saying for a long time that the moral compass is gone.

Perhaps that elderly woman felt that my swearing as I write contributes to the decay...

...but they're only words.

Now I know why I took so long to comment on all of it.

It's utterly confusing, actually.

And it's more troubling than it is confusing.

"Every towel head on the face of the Earth needs to be killed!" one man said in a profanity-filled rant on one of the news shows.

The guy had no idea that he was guilty of the same thing as the people who pulled the triggers.

And that's the problem.

A whole lot of people don't know anymore.

And a whole lot of people don't care.

About the next guy.

Or his right to live.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

D.B. of the Week - George Zimmerman

There were people out there who once adopted George Zimmerman as the face of all that was special in being able to defend oneself.

You remember George, right?

He's the guy who shot and killed Trayvon Martin down in Florida.

He was acquitted in the death because of a 'Stand Your Ground' hole in the law that goes something like this:

1). You attack someone, for nothing other than your own paranoia.

2). They fight back...without a weapon.

3). You're losing the fight.

4). You can to shoot them with your weapon.

D.B. of the week?

Well, the Trayvon Martin 'thing' was a long time ago.

Zimmerman couldn't possibly be honored for being a D.B. based on something that happened that long ago, right?

Well, with Zimmerman it's only a matter of time.

He was arrested again.

This time for allegedly beating a girl.

He's been accused of this offense before.

In fact, it seems we read an update on him every 3-6 months.

He gives D.B. a bad name.

Yet the thing about it is that when the Trayvon Martin story initially broke there were people out there who held up Zimmerman as some sort of face of the NRA.

"Zimmerman was within his rights!"

That's what some genius yelled at me via social media.

I suppose that's true.

We all have the right to be a criminal, paranoid, slob who terrorizes others without conscience.

We are all free to beat our partners.

We can cause as much trouble as we want, really.

Until we are locked up, that is.

Hoping that happens, finally, but I'm not holding my breath.

There are still people on George Zimmerman's side.

Total D.B.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I Hate Law & Order S.V.U.


I said it.

What is happening around here is that there's nothing on television anymore.

Reality shows suck.

I watch exactly one sit-com...Modern Family.

There aren't any other drama shows that interest me.

We watched Homeland complete.

So despite the fact that I'd much rather read my way through the evening after freezing my ass off outside each day, I look for something to watch with my beautiful wife as she recounts every second of her busy day.

Reruns of Law & Order are always on.

There are different versions of the program.

Some of them are passable.

The one with Olivia, Elliot, Donald, BD Wong and Ice-T....

is horrendous.

Here's a typical script:

1). Rape and murder.

2). They have absolutely nothing to go on.

3). Olivia remembers a time when it happened to her.

4). Elliot tells Olivia to suck it up.

5). Munch saunters by telling them that he found a needle in a haystack.

6). Ice-T confronts the suspect and calls him a piece o' shit.

7). Donald checks in and tells them to go see Wong because he might be able to shed some light.

8). Donald also says: "Hurry up! Before we have more victims!"

9). Olivia cries.

10). Elliot alludes to be hiding demons in his own life.

11). Ice-T yells again.

12). Olivia and Elliot stumble upon the bad guy.

13). It doesn't look good.

14). It's starting to look better.

15). Olivia shoots the bad guy.

16). Elliot is pissed for some reason.

17). Wong doesn't like it.

18). Munch falls asleep.

19). Donald says, 'Good job.'

20). Ice-T yells at all of them.


Then there are the episodes where they try way too hard.

We watched one the other night where the killer was a 72-year old man at the start. Turns out he was actually a cross-dressing 11 year old boy that was conceived when his mother had non-consensual sex with her own brother.

"Why do you watch it?" Sam asked the other night as I screamed at the television and yelled:


"I don't know," I said. "It's really only on as background noise, but I'm not sure why anyone ever watched it."

It's been on for 20 years or so.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sexy Rexy

The story broke on Sunday morning.

The Buffalo Bills have a new head coach:

Rex Ryan.

Ryan was just the coach of the New York Jets. He got fired after a couple of horrendous years. Yet, to be fair, his first couple of years were really successful.

Ryan used to be really fat.

He was involved in a weird story about being a foot fetish guy.

(I'm not making this shit up).

He supposedly has a tattoo of his former quarterback.

He's loud, boisterous and his teams play pretty well against the Patriots (even though their record in such games is 8-23).

It's all about perception, folks.

So what do I think?

Actually, I think it's a great hire...

...for me!

I'm going to be able to hand Rex the D.B. of the week award quite a few times, I'm thinking.

He's gonna' be vocal.

He'll say some really stupid things.

Perhaps he didn't think it all the way through though...

...we're a little short on open-toe shoes in this weather.

Good luck, Rex.

If you break the string of non-playoff teams over there in Orchard Park they'll build a statue of you.

The skinny version though.

You gotta' BILLieve!

Yet the thing that truly gets me about this hire is my boy, Matt.

"Rex Ryan is the worst coach in the league," he once told me.

"I hate him!

"He sucks!"

I asked him about the reports a couple of weeks back.

"They could do worse than Rex Ryan," he said, sheepishly.

You gotta' BILLieve!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Dopey Challenge

The texts started coming to me on Saturday.

I was following the progress of my buddy, Mike Gaglianone, as he ran in the Disney Races over the weekend to raise money for the cause to combat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

One text after another.

Here's Gag and his beautiful wife, Suzanne just waking up and getting ready to roll:

I was tired just thinking about what they were getting ready to do.

A 5-K and then a 10-K the next day and then a half marathon and finally a full marathon.

Four days...about 3,473 miles!!

Are you kidding me?

What would make someone even think of doing such a thing????

That would!

That's my real idol there.

Michael Jr.

Always with a beautiful girl.

Forever with a huge smile.

I'm really proud to live in a world where people like Michael & Suzanne give back.

Where people like my sister, Corinne, works hard to raise money for the Komen Breast Cancer cause.

That's what makes you sit back and think... the middle of all the stupid stories you'll read this week about the D.B.'s and the losers...

There are plenty of winners out there too, folks.

Great job, Gags.

Pick up the rock and carry it a little further along down the road.

That's all we were placed here to do.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Live Free or Die

Recently on Facebook someone sent a quiz around that asked you to name the states that you've stepped foot in. I'm in the 30's with states that I've visited in this great nation, but until Thursday I had never stepped foot in New Hampshire.

Let me tell you...

...I had no chance of being impressed.

I made it to the airport nice and early for the flight out.

We boarded the plane and then the pilot seemed to be set on driving to New Hampshire.

"Why the heck aren't we in the air yet?" I asked.

"We're going back to the gate," the stranger sitting next to me said.

The winds were howling. There was ice everywhere. A snowstorm was on the way.

Of course we were.

Yet I decided to just go with the flow.

What the hell can you do?

Force the pilot to fly a broken plane?

We sat on the plane for a little while and then they sent us back into the terminal. A young couple who were on their way to Aruba got into a shouting match with the woman behind the desk. I laughed because the woman screamed:

"You're not going! How do you like that!! I'm in charge here and now you're not going!"

The cops showed up.

Thankfully I was able to scramble onto a flight that left just a mere three hours after the initial flight and I was also able to make the connecting flight.

By 1 p.m. I was crossing New Hampshire off the list of states I'd visited.

And I'm not sure what I think of the place yet because it was 1 degree, snow was flying, people were driving really slow (and I'm a notoriously cautious driver), and when I took my glove off to snap a few photos at the site... freaking hand froze.

Then I called a meeting to attention and every company rep came into the meeting room wearing Boston Sports Jackets.

A Bruins fan here...

A Suck Suck fan there.

Even Pats hats...

"You people are making me sick," I said. "I'm a 27-Time World Champion Greatest Franchise in the History of Organized Sports Yankees fan."

They booed me.

A good way to meet new people.

Yet we laughed.

A lobster roll...a few more harried drives and back to the airport.

I hardly knew Ya' New Hampshire.

Perhaps I'll see a little more later.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mister Tezyk

Mr. (Stan) Tezyk passed away this week.

Not everyone who's reading this knows Mr. Tezyk, but the students of North Collins Central certainly do. Mr. Tezyk was a teacher at the school for years and years and years.

If you attended North Collins High School anywhere from 1970-2014 you were well aware of Mr. Tezyk's influence. Even after he retired he was a mainstay in the town that he loved.

I thought of Mr. Tezyk a lot this week as I went about my business - out of town - which would make attending his services impossible.

There were just so many things to consider.

First and foremost, Mr. Tezyk was a good man.

You can tell by the grin in the photo above that he liked to have fun.

Secondly, he always seemed to be covered in chalk dust when he taught class.

Thirdly, he dressed a little like me...hammering the disheveled look.

Fourthly, he really loved his family.

The Tezyk family (and all of North Collins) suffered a tremendous loss when John Tezyk was killed in an auto accident at a young age.

Stan never really got over losing his son...

...but how could he?

Despite the fact that he certainly tried and brought a brave face and that smile...

How in the hell could he?

Life threw him a nasty curve ball, but Mr. Tezyk had warned us all that it just might.

Through the years Mr. Tezyk was always ready to laugh. He seemed to seek out the Fuzzy boys a little because he knew we were good for a story or two.

Yet that grin wasn't all that I remembered as I thought about Mr. Tezyk.

I actually recalled specific lectures that he gave in tenth grade psychology class!

I remember him telling us that the important love in a marriage wasn't the physical aspect of it. To hormone-raging 10th graders that seemed crazy.

Mr. Tezyk was right.

I remember him talking about id and ego...and right and wrong.

There was a lot about right and wrong.

Mr. Tezyk had a straight-forward teaching style.

He'd sit cross-legged on top of the desk.

He'd get your attention if you weren't paying attention.

Some days he'd set the lesson plan aside and tell us real life stories that helped us grow.

He got to know us.

He spoke to us instead of at us.

I remember one time, way back in 10th grade, when he called me on the girl I had a crush on. I tried to deny said crush and he just laughed.

As an adult I had the chance to spend some more time with Mr. Tezyk.

We had a couple of beers a few years back.

We talked about my writing and he confessed that he was proud that I'd been published.

I told him that he certainly had helped me.

He liked that.

Because Mr. Tezyk was a teacher.

And man, when you read that sentence you know how important that label is.

He taught so many kids.

He had so much influence on so many lives.

What a noble way to spend your days, right?

He taught me one other thing at the North Collins reunion the last time I saw him.

"Hi, Mr. Tezyk," I said as I shook his hand.

"Call me Stan, for God's sake," he said.

I explained that I was more comfortable calling him 'Mister.'

"What hair you have left is gray," he said. "You sound kind of goofy calling anyone 'Mister.'"

We laughed.

We toasted.


Mr. Tezyk.

Friday, January 9, 2015

F*&$ing Cold

My wonderful sister, Carrie Lynn was fond of telling a joke where a baby polar bear is walking through the Arctic with his father and he asks:

"Dad are you sure we're polar bears?"

He asks this question over and over until the father polar bear says:

"Of course we're polar bears! I'm a polar bear! Your mother is a polar bear! So you're a polar bear! Why do you keep asking?"

And the baby polar bear says:

"Cause I'm f&*$ing cold!!"

That's the way it is here in Buffalo.

People say:

"You're from Buffalo! You're used to it!!"


"I'm f&*$ing cold!!"

We were talking out on the construction site the other day as the wind whipped through and froze the freaking snot to our faces.

"My face gets cold," The young lad standing in front of me said.

His face was the color of Superman's cape.

"Really?" I asked. "I didn't notice."

And for me the problem is in getting dressed for the day.

Two pairs of socks.

A pair of long underwear.

(Two things about the long underwear: I was looking for mine and my beautiful wife said, "I have a pair." - Was I supposed to use them as a thong? and secondly...I always think of my Grandpa Clifford because he had long underwear on each day as he worked out on the railroad. I just recall him telling me about the bitter Buffalo cold).

I hear you, Gramps.

Then the shirts:

At least three of them.

The Carhartt jacket over the top of the entire mess.


OJ style cap.

Ready to go!

"This sucks," one of the other construction dudes said to me. "If I were you I'd figure out a way to stay in your office on days like this."

"What good am I doing in there?" I asked.

"That's why we listen to you," he said.


Sometimes it's worth it to go out in the cold.

As stupid as it seems to be.

I feel for that freaking polar bear.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

D.B. of the Week - Doug Marrone

One of the greatest compliments I ever heard about Yankee great Don Mattingly was in the simple way that he treated everyone he knew while he was having a string of MVP years.

A clubhouse attendant said that he once saw Mattingly emptying the garbage cans in the clubhouse. The guy was horrified because it was his job and he thought he'd get in trouble for not emptying the can on time.

"You work hard," Mattingly told the guy. "I can empty the garbage too."

Put that against the stories that are coming out about the former Buffalo Bills coach - Doug Marrone - who is our easy choice for D.B. of the week.

"Selfish, greedy and self-centered," one guy said.

"He belittled everyone," said another.

"Everyone was sick of his miserable personality," said a third.

And it doesn't help that he was the coach of two teams that joined the list of the 13 Bills teams before his tenure in not making the playoffs.


The real sin was that he was a D.B. all the way through his tenure and he quit.

Don't even think about the "smart" move he made by taking $4 million free dollars that the Bills were dumb enough to grant him as a parting gift.

He quit on his players.

He gave up on the job that he set out to do.

He tried to get a long extension from a franchise in transition.

And I don't blame him for that, I guess...'s sort of expected from a guy who is:



and Self-Centered.

You really have to be a D.B. if a guy calls you selfish and then backs it up with self-centered.


Goodbye, Doug Moron (as his Wikipedia page now says after being hacked).

Buffalo hates you.

(You did win the prestigious D.B. Award though).

Don Mattingly would be disgusted.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

In Dreams

So, my beautiful wife informed me that I was in trouble.

She'd had a dream that I had cheated on her and that I left her no choice other than to divorce me and take all my money.

"As opposed to just plain taking it," I said.

Yet she wanted to talk about it.

"You confessed," she said. "I caught you in a lie and you ended up telling me everything."

"Did I get into details?" I asked.

"Yep, you told me everything."

"Was she hot?" I asked.

"Yeah, was it worth it?"

I tried to think through the question, but instead just laughed.

"You're a moron," I said.

Yet dreams are really weird, aren't they?

Don't you just love when you wake and the dream is right there for you to consider?

I read somewhere that if you dream bad things about someone it's actually a foreshadowing that the person is going to have some good fortune bestowed upon them.

That's probably garbage, but there are so many funky dreams out there, running around our minds each and every single night. Most of them don't make sense in the light of day, but you certainly can feel that person back there with you. I love when I dream of my Dad or my brother.

In fact, I've always wanted to study dreams.

What do they mean?

Well, I looked up the cheating spouse dream and good news, beautiful wife!

It doesn't mean that I hooked up with a hot woman while you were out nursing.

In fact, all that I read on the subject leads me to believe that the guy who was writing the article didn't have much of a clue of anything.

It all seemed like psycho-babble garbage to me.

And it all goes back to the conversation that we had one night as we were watching a show that was all about the cheating husband and the suspicious wife.

(As a matter of fact, that's probably where the dream came from).

During the movie I turned to Kathy and said:

"Damn, that cheating seems like a lot of work, right?"

"Yeah. I'd rather just sit here."

Me too.


I didn't cheat!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bat Shit Crazy

When a lone man shot his girlfriend in the stomach and then drove from Baltimore to Brooklyn to kill two police officers sitting in their car there was a real tendency to put the blame where it didn't belong.

He wasn't acting on the wishes of a mayor who dissed his own cops.

He wasn't trying to make the president happy.

He didn't even hate cops all that much.

Turns out the guy was just plain, bat shit crazy.

Or that's what it seems from our point-of-view, right?

I read a long account of the man's life.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley was a lost man.

He'd been lost for a long time. His family knew he was a mess. His friends were worried that it would end badly. Hell, one look at his social media pages told you that he was delusional, at best, and murderous at worst.

He also shot himself, which puts an end to the discussion of will he do it again. People were sad to see him die at his own hand because there was a real urge to tear him limb from limb.

He won't kill anymore.

But someone like him will.

As much play as the gun argument gets there's not enough outcry about the people who are living on the streets who do not have full range of all their capabilities.

And it's always been that way, right?

Mental illness isn't going away anytime soon, folks.

So what do we do?

We most certainly should try to keep them away from weapons of any sort.

Perhaps we should also do a better job of either getting them the help they need, or locking them away from the rest of society.

And I'm not quite sure of all the stats on how well or how poorly we're doing on a state basis or on a nationwide basis of helping, but it certainly doesn't seem like it's going all that well, does it?

Yet there is a disconnect as well.

People in Brinsley's life felt that he was 'out there a bit' but were pretty sure that he wouldn't do what he did.

Except he did.

He'd been arrested a number of times for strange and petty crimes.

We had our hands on him.

He ranted constantly on his social media pages (but who doesn't?).

But not one person stepped in to put a stop to what turned out to be a deadly journey.

And when people like Brinsley get way lost there isn't anything that's gonna' stop them (short of professional help) from carrying out their mission.

A gun law won't stop them.

The rules of society don't matter.

'It's kill and kill some more' in their diseased mind.

We're at their mercy right now, folks.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Kindness, Clutter, Organization & A Freaking Vacation

We didn't do a dang thing on New Year's Eve.

Well actually, Jake went to a friend's house, Matt was at a party, and Kathy, Sam and I toasted the New Year at 11:00 - countdown and all - because I couldn't stay up another hour.

Bye-bye - 2014.

Hello 2015.

Yet on New Year's Day we thought about marking the change with something...I mentioned Buffalo Wild Wings and before Kathy could object hard enough the boys cemented the deal.

We sat around the hot wings with the television showing the football games and we talked about 2015.

Kathy handed out the resolutions:

Jake would be kinder.

Sam would be more organized.

She would remove the clutter from every freaking room in the house...

...and I would vow to be happy.

"I'd be happy if we got rid of the clutter," I said.

I smiled as I did so and everyone jumped on the fact that I looked happy.

I had resolved not to make any resolutions, but I actually thought of one as I sat there.

"What about breaks?" I asked.

"Do you think it's conceivable that we can actually plan, book, and go on a vacation?"

There's always been a reason not to go.

"You have to be willing to not go to work for 5 days," Kathy said.

(Not an easy thing to pull off).

"How about our baseball trip?" I ask.

We always manage to see a game in a new park. We've been to Cleveland, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Philly, and Yankee Stadium.

"How about Detroit?" I asked.

"Or back to Philly - the Gag's are waiting."

"San Francisco!" Sam said.

That was a bit far for a casual drive. I'm not Clark Griswold.

And in the end we just ate our wings.

We didn't resolve anything.

But I've heard kindness.

I've smiled at least 3 times.

The clutter has lessened.

We're on the right path.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Featured Work of the Week - The Interview

My beautiful wife didn't wanna' watch The Interview.

"It's stupid," she said.

My boys really wanted to see it, of course. Seth Rogen and James Franco are popular movie-makers around here.

"It's gonna' be really funny," they said.

Well, it sorta' turns out that they were all right.

Of course, The Interview made a whole lot of noise before anyone really saw it. Kim Jong Un wasn't really thrilled about being made fun of and he took it out on Sony.

But there were some really clever aspects to it. A huge part of the writing of the story had to come from the visits that Dennis Rodman made to North Korea and the reports that he sent back about the little dictator being a pretty good guy.

Of course there were a lot of funny lines about really juvenile things, but that's what my boys were talking about when they thought about a Rogen-Franco movie.

They are funny.

They are stupid.

The movie wasn't made to change world policies or to rile up Jong Un. In fact, I can't really believe that it received so much attention as being a threat.

I don't think that much more will come of it, to be honest, but then again I'm not the one they were making fun of. I really do wonder if Jong Un will sit down and watch it.

Will he laugh at all?

One thing is for sure:

The Interview will be a hit.

There are too many people who have heard of it. Everyone and their brother wants to see what the commotion was all about.

The boys laughed hard.

Kathy smiled at a couple of things.

It was funny.

It was certainly stupid.

You might as well see it.

I know you want to.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

D.B. of the Week - Johnny Manziel


Two D.B.'s of the week.

With Christmas and New Year's falling on Thursday's the past two weeks it didn't feel right to dirty the days with D.B. thoughts, but now that we are here in the new year, game on.

Johnny Manziel is a true D.B.

Or as they call him, 'Johnny Football.'

Well...let's recap, shall we?

The kid was a college standout at QB.

He got busted drinking.

(Not the end of the world).

But then it was just one bad decision after another. He posed for pictures in Vegas when he was supposed to be preparing for his job. He made dollar signs when he scored. He got in trouble with his coaches, his teammates, his family and was on the verge of trouble with the law time after time.

His draft stock slipped.

The Browns took a chance after he supposedly texted the president of the organization during the draft and told him how great he'd be.

They brought him in and he sat on the bench.

He finally got into a game, and he stunk.

He got in trouble again.

Then he made an impassioned speech about how he was gonna' grow up and that it was time to stop being a kid.

He played again and got hurt.

He had a party and missed work.

The Browns had to go find him.

He called himself a jackass.

I call him a D.B.

And so far he hasn't really done anything horrible, I suppose.

It's just a pattern of bad choice after stupid choice, after dumb comment.

"I like him," one of my sons said. "He's not afraid to be himself."

And I get that, I guess, but as an older gent it makes me wonder how someone who has a certain gift, has already been paid a king's ransom for not even doing anything yet, and has a chance to be a difference-maker in a lot of ways...can just pee all over it.

What makes someone self-destruct?

I initially thought that Johnny Football would one day be a star.

I really did.

I don't think that anymore.

I think he's just destined for one single award:

D.B. of the Week - January 3, 2015

Friday, January 2, 2015

Superficial Thinking

Just sitting here on day one of 2015.

Time is a weird concept. There are people out there today who will sit down as the day ends and think:

"There's one good day! I just need 364 more!!"

But it doesn't work that way, does it?

Don't you hate chapped lips?

We've had a bad time here in Buffalo if you dig deep behind the fact that the Quarterback and the Head Coach quit the team after the Bills went 9-7. (More on that later).

I'm talking about the murders.

There has been gang unrest in the city and one man after another is being shot to death on the city streets. It's weird how that goes to the back pages. We had one murder in the town I grew up in as a kid and I can remember every second of that day.

Now there's barely a second glance.

Do you scrape all the ice and snow off your car or just enough to see?

Speaking of death...there's a story making rounds about a 2-year old who shot his mother to death in Wal-Mart. The kid grabbed the gun out of a compartment in the woman's purse and from his seated position in the shopping cart he pulled the trigger on the loaded gun and dropped his mother.

"Sounds like Stewie Griffin," Sam said.

Yet reading the story left me really perplexed.

"We are treating it like an accidental shooting," the lead cop said.

Really, Columbo? You don't think it was a premeditated event?

And there's just way too much to think about in this tragic scenario. The woman was a gun right's advocate. The gun was legal. She carried it with her because she's afraid of other people who have a gun.

Well there's an old writing adage that was taught to me by my fine editor:

"If you introduce a gun to the story, it better get fired."

The comment sections below the telling of that horrible story turned into an argument about rights, of course, but what good are your rights when you're dead?

Just life here in what is becoming the old west.

Break any of those resolutions yet?

Two years ago the Buffalo Bills hired a coach. He was an unknown, relatively speaking, and the fans of the team got used to the idea real quickly.

"New blood!"

"I'm glad it wasn't a tired old guy! I love it!!"

Cut to yesterday.

Marrone quit after two uneventful seasons.

"I hated him!"

"Can't believe they hired him!"

I find it fascinating that people forget about their convictions. The next guy will be ushered in.

"I love it!"

"Playoffs here we come!!"

And I know that it works that way. People want to Billieve.

Yet there are all things coming out now.

Reporters are willing to say that they never liked the guy, and that he was ornery, in-over-his-head, and woefully unprepared to handle his job.

Yet if Marrone hadn't quit we'd be hearing about how hard he works.

It's hard to read between the lines, I guess, and in the grand scheme of things football doesn't matter as much as your convictions.

Say what you feel and mean what you say.

That's all for today.

Just catching up with you.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

New tradition!

Didn't make it to midnight again. We counted down 11 o'clock with Sam (the only kid home) and then headed off to sleep...but it doesn't matter!

We still hope you have a great 2015.

"Stay hard, Stay Hungry, Stay Alive...if you can...and meet me in a dream of this hard land." (Thanks, Bruce)

How many ways can we wish you Happy New Year?

When the New Year arrives, it brings new ideas and hopes for us to make our lives good to better and better to best.
Wish You and Your Family a Happy New Year 2015!

The New Year gives you fresh 365 days to play with – fill them up with whatever your heart desires so that you have no regrets at the end of the annual cycle.

Along with all the new hopes and promises that the New Year would bring Hope it also brings us a lot more opportunities to work together. Wish you a very Happy and Successful Year ahead.

New Aim, New Dreams, New Achievements Everything Waiting for You. Forget The Failures. Correct Your Mistakes. Surely Success is yours. Happy NEW YEAR 2015

May the year 2015 greet you with days as fragrant as roses, as colorful as rainbow, as bright as sunshine and as happy and cheerful as a lark.

Before the calendar turns a new leaf over, before the social networking sites get flooded with messages, before the mobile networks get congested, let me take a quiet moment out to wish you a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

May the year 2015 be like a blank book that is waiting your intervention to fill up its 365 pages with all the colors under the sun making it a vibrant addition to your life.

Have a great year.

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