Sunday, August 6, 2017


"You wanna' hear something crazy?"

Whenever someone asks you that, you always answer this way.


"But you can't tell anyone!"

"No! I won't tell anyone!"

Then the secret gets spilled...

...and you can't wait to tell someone else.

I'm not much into secrets. I will often listen, but I'm pretty good at locking things down.

Seems we're having a lot of problems regarding leaks inside the current government. These are people that were hired as per of the administration, leaking to the press.

At first, it was thought that the leakers were part of the past administration, but everyone was cleared out.

And the stories just kept coming...

...leaked to the press under the guise "you gotta' keep my name out of it."

All rather entertaining. Every president has had to deal with it, but now, here's the tricky part.

The department of justice is now threatening to jail the reporters who use the anonymous sources.

The fake news is a big problem.

Writing stories based on gossip, while protecting the source...

...that's journalism!

What's worrisome, of course, is that we have the right to know what is happening. We can't have a government operation in their own best interests or threatening jail to keep their agenda quiet.

The free press must continue!

And the leaking is a natural consequence.

People gossip.

People don't keep secrets!

And the reporters make their bones by getting the stories out there.

They need to be accurate, of course, but here's the rub... want to control leaks?

Be a better leader!

Be someone that people want to help rather than take down.

Management 101.

"Keep the people who love you away from the people who hate you," Billy Martin once said.

And the leaks will stop.

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