Monday, July 3, 2017


Easy like Sunday morning.

I've always enjoyed the feel of Sunday.

Church, Yankees, pasta or

Church, Bills, pasta.

Family has always been prominently featured, of course.

Sunday...that's my fun day.

My I don't have to run day.

Nice, relaxed feel.

Except for lately.

We've been hampered with a whole bunch of Sunday morning tweets now... the president.

Evidently he has chosen Sunday morning as the time to air all grievances.

Vile, nasty things, actually.

This Sunday a tweet about CNN made the rounds.

Years ago, Trump participated in a WWE match. He sucker punched someone just outside the ring and in true WWE fashion... was sort of entertaining and funny.

This Sunday that video was included with a CNN logo in the place where the guy's head was supposed to be.

I initially thought it was a parody account.

When I realized it truly was coming from the legitimate Trump account I thought:

"My God! It's Sunday morning!! People are trying to relax and forget about work and problems and just enjoy their day."

After I digested it further I thought:

"Uh-oh. There are unstable people out there who might think it's open season on reporters, anchors and producers."

That's no way to spend a Sunday morning.

Lately there have been a lot of stories about trying to get the phone out of the hand of the leader of the free world.

No one seems capable of getting it to stop, or to make it civil.

I'm thinking of making a new personal rule... social media on Sunday.

Church, Yankees, pasta!

Church, Yankees, pasta!!

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