Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Princess Di

Caught an HBO documentary on Princess Diana, as it has been (unbelievably) 20 years since her death.

What a shame that she died so young.

Every time I see her I think:

"What a beautiful woman."

And it's not just her physical beauty. She appeared to be very nurturing to her boys, and she was roundly cheered for fighting for the less fortunate.

She was a champion for the homeless. She actually went into the downtrodden neighborhoods and talked to the men and women who were suffering.

She walked the walk.

Yet, part of what touched me were the days of Diana as a very young girl.

A bit of a tomboy, always laughing.

Insecure, vulnerable.

Always smiling broadly.

What hit me about it was the feeing that she was absolutely cheated out of a life that she seemed to be thoroughly enjoying...

...even while speaking about AIDS, or land mines...

...and while dealing with her dopey husband and being shunned by those tight-asses.

She stood up tall.

Raised her boys.

Believed in her causes.

She only lived 36 years.

Was the most famous, beautiful woman in the world when she died.

But, if you get the chance, catch the documentary...

...she's still very much alive.

A beautiful woman.

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