Saturday, July 15, 2017

It's About the Food

Went to a good wedding last night for a longtime buddy and his beautiful wife. Sat with some friends that I met back before 1970.

Had a lot of laughs.

What's really fun about hanging out with longtime friends is that the conversation is really easy.

Everything is up front...

...the glory days stories, what the kids are doing now, and what the next stage is going to be.

It seems we all had a single drink...

...and if the wedding was held long ago there would've been hundreds of drinks.

Now it's about the food!

And the wedding came up big!

Beef, chicken, pasta.

Yet we had to discuss eating in moderation too because of the health difficulties that cause is difficulty.

But I ate pretty good.

My feeling being that carbs will always have a special place in my life.

We were positioned next to the tower of cupcakes.

I'm not the biggest dessert guy in the world...

...but there are no drinks anymore!

I was definitely having a cupcake.

"Think they'd miss 'em if we grabbed a couple before we're supposed to?" I asked.

Finally, bride and groom cut the cake and (didn't smash it in each other's face) and we were free to go.

I brought a few back to the table, and as I was eating one, my friends were cutting off pieces to taste.

(Getting old! Can't even eat a full cupcake!)

At 9:00, we started talking about leaving.

"Coffee didn't really wake me up...too much work!"

"We're staying up all night," I said to Kathy as we made our way home.

"We aren't," she said. "See if Melky will stay up with you."

It was a great night.

Certainly different than the weddings that took place in the 90's, but the chocolate cupcake was tremendous.

Good luck to the happy couple!

(We didn't stay up all night).

(I was asleep by 10:30).

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