Thursday, July 6, 2017

Nuclear Showdown

Heard news today that the trip to Europe is important because Trump is meeting with Putin, and the world is going to see what they can do about North Korea.

Pretty hopeful, huh?

Should go well.

And the way they do sell the news is a tad crazy.

"This could be a potential nuclear showdown!" The anchor said.

It's kind of like when two teams are undefeated at the mid-point of the season and they say:

"This might be a super bowl preview!"

"In this corner we have Donald.

Over here Kim Jong!"

"Who is crazy enough to press the button that might obliterate the 🌎?"

If Vegas were to take bets I'm thinking it might be even money.

Yet, the most ignorant of all moves was pulled off by non-other than the portly governor of New Jersey.

Chris Christie and his family spent some time down the shore where everything is all right.

Except the beach was closed... everyone but his group.

Someone got wind of it and there was a photo of the first family just soaking up the sun.

Not a good look.

Then he made it even worse. He mentioned that it wasn't a story, but if he'd been laying there with a young, hot blonde...

...that would've been a scandal.

How tone-deaf can you be?

Your state shuts down the beaches on a holiday weekend over a budget fight...

...and you, as a leader, decide to go lay on the closed beach?

"If you want to do it, become the governor," Christie said.

So... I think a nuclear showdown might be possible?


The leaders appear to be a little short on common sense.

You know who'd lose a nuclear showdown?

Millions of us.

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