Monday, July 10, 2017

Shaking Hands

Saw a news story (I don't think it was fake) about Trump and Putin shaking hands.

Body language experts were saying that Trump won the handshake.

Evidently you can tell who is the alpha male by the position of the body, the look in the eye and the break away.


I'm not big on shaking hands.

I don't know who's touching what moments before there is a gripping of my hand. As soon as it happens I think getting away and getting my hand sanitizer.

Yet if I do have to shake someone's hand I try and offer a decent grip. The guys who just kind of place their hand in yours..


And the Donald seems to put some stock in the old handshake. He's tried to intimidate some by yanking them towards him.

Now people are one-upping him on the international stage. I saw a clip of one of the wives of one of the leaders move towards Trump with her hand extended. When he extended his she walked right by him and shook hands with Melania instead.

He just glared at her.

Didn't need to be a body language expert to see who won that one.

Most of the time I'll offer a fist bump of it looks like someone wants to shake my hand. If I'm in a goofy mood I'll just say, "I don't want to touch you."

They laugh.

Maybe I'd say that to Putin if given the opportunity, but now we're friends with them, right?

(When did that happen, by the way?)


As I mentioned the story about the handshake between Trump and Putin, Sam put forth a question.

"Would you shake hands with Trunp?" He asked.

"Nope," I answered.

Not enough Purell in the world.

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