Thursday, July 13, 2017

Armed Forces

Spent a little time thinking about the soldier from Western New York, Nicholas Warden, who was killed early this month after stepping on a land mine in Afghanistan.

Nicholas' father was talking to the Buffalo News about his son and his short life.

His son always wanted to be a soldier.

9/11 convinced him that he had to stand up and fight back.

A little while later I heard the horrific news of an aircraft with 16 soldiers aboard crashed in a field in Tennessee.

16 more kids...


And I listen to the news.

No names.

Just a story...

...then on to Russia talk, or trying to push healthcare through.

Not even a moment to be sad for those kids who didn't get to live their lives.

And I suppose that we can't think about it too much because we might all stand up and really question  what the hell is going on.

We have to keep the war machine going.

The military budget is outrageous...

...but necessary...

...we are told.

I think back to the Iraq war and how the kids coming home in coffins was strategically missing from the news reports.

Too much death.

Don't look behind the curtain.

So, every once in awhile I think a little about a grief-stricken family and the fallen soldiers.

Necessary Evil???


I guess I don't see the big picture clearly on all of that.

May they all Rest In Peace.

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