Saturday, July 22, 2017

What A Mess

I listened to all of the O.J. Simpson parole hearing on Thursday afternoon, and I just couldn't shake the feeling of pity that I had for him.

I'm not sorry that he was in jail for 9 years on a burglary charge that wouldn't have netted most criminals much more than parole.

I didn't pity him because he'd lost his big, fancy life back when he was on trial for butchering two people.

Instead, I felt sorry for O.J. because he screwed up his life, and he has no idea that he actually did anything wrong!

He played the victim!!

When they asked him about taking a course designed to help him control his temper, he explained that he's always been a bowl of cherries to be around.

He was never actually a criminal either so he didn't have much to worry about when it came to possibly repeating his bad behavior.

Couple of wife beat-downs, two murders, and armed robbery...

...other than that he's been almost perfect!

He bragged a little about having been famous since he was 19 years of age, but he talked about how he turned a lot of free media love down because he doesn't need it to be happy.

Yet, O.J.'S narcissistic crap aside I just kept listening to him and thinking about the disaster that his life turned out to be.

We're talking stuff of legends for a kid growing up in the 70's in Buffalo.

Man he was everyone's hero. He was just an amazing runner, but he was also a dynamic celebrity around the town.

We couldn't get enough of him.

And then he left.

But he came back, in movies, when the Bills put him on the wall, on NFL pre and post game shows. He always smiled broadly and he always talked up Buffalo.

And Thursday he was begging to get out of the cage that he's been living with for 9 years.

Still, he was the victim.

He didn't mean for it to go down like it did.

He was the leader in prison too. He tried to let everyone know to do their time, keep their mouths shut, and just be good people.

I was nauseated 🤢

The more he went on, the more surreal that it seemed.

Then I saw the news recaps of how he will soon be free.

He knows people will be drawn to him for the rest of his days.

'Cause he's O.J.

He loves himself, for sure.

And just ask him...

...he's a great guy!

(Other than those pesky murders).

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