Monday, July 24, 2017

Just Watching TV

There's a Mellencamp song "Real Life" where his narrator whines:

"I want to live the real life, don't wanna' sit around my house and watch tv."

I really limped into the weekend.

I grabbed a massage last Saturday and that usually straightens me out for the week ahead, but my back was bugging me and my legs were an eternal buzz, to the point of absolute despair, but it's summer and I work in construction.

Up every day by 5:30 a.m. Not done with everything until 12 hours had passed. Limping, buzzing, hurting, ice, heat, blah, blah, blah.

On Wednesday morning Kathy sent me a text:

"Any better?"

"Yeah. Climbing a straight ladder 20' really helped."

By Friday, I was really a mess.

"Better find some movies," I texted. "I'm not moving."

But there's an eternal struggle there too.

"Any series on Netflix?" I asked my Facebook buddies.

We received 50 recommendations.

Settled in on Ozark with Jason Bateman.

It's great!

"How are you today?" Kathy asked on Sunday morning.

"I'm a 4 of 10 today. Was a 1 of 10 yesterday. Just gotta get to 6 so I can go back to getting destroyed tomorrow."

Just humming the Mellencamp song.

Ah well, everyone out golfing, at parties, camping, weddings...

...and I'm watching tv.

At least it's good!

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