Friday, July 14, 2017

Flash Flood

The rain was hammering the sidewalk outside the car. I had a meeting in downtown Buffalo and if you've ever looked for parking there you know it can be a tad aggravating.

I had found a meter, which was the good news...

...bad news was that it was a few blocks away from the front door.

I don't care if I get wet.

I had my hard hat on anyway.

It's keeping the electronics dry that's the problem.

I stuffed my phone in my pocket and put the Notebook computer under my vest.


This wasn't your standard rainstorm!

An hour later I stepped through my front door at home.



I heard the pump working. Headed for the drain in the was working, but there was a foot of water trying to head down it.

More water was pouring in from under the door.

I started bailing the water.

Got the campers to move a little.

As I left for Syracuse in the late afternoon, the youngest camper was shampooing the carpet.

Traffic was backed up on I-90.

Severe Delays!

The message board taunted me.


The delays were caused by a river running across the Thruway.

As I waited to cross I kept thinking about how the rainstorm had impacted the day...

...all I had planned had changed.

Nothing you can do.

Wait out the storm.

There wasn't too much damage, I suppose, and it did stop raining.

It was the flash part of it that caused the biggest problem.

Ah well.

Beats the hell out of snow.

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