Friday, July 21, 2017

John McCain

The news that John McCain has brain cancer saddens me.

Of course, he should be considered an American hero, because of his time as a prisoner of war. He's also been a senator for years and years.

Service to the country.

Should be without a but...


He was ridiculed by a presidential candidate who said that he likes his war heroes better if they weren't captured.

He also ran for president and chose Sarah Palin as his running mate.

During the miserable campaign of 2016 and following the inauguration he would often times appear on camera to lambast a poor decision..

...and then he would vote along with the very decision he just said was bad.

A difficult guy to pin down.

Yet a hard guy to not admire.

So, hearing that he has such a tough road ahead is saddening to me.

These bodies of ours are made to break down.

That's what sort of irritates me about those, who when arguing about healthcare, are saying that people are responsible for the diseases they get.

Like there are people who can escape getting sick, or having heart problems, or getting brain cancer.

Every human being will eventually need to see a doctor, and they deserve a chance to beat the disease.

John McCain will be treated. He'll most likely receive top of the line healthcare, and given his service to the country, he deserves it.

Yet, I can imagine how he felt when he heard that diagnosis:


Millions hear that word...

...and think:

"I might die if I don't get great help here."

Imagine getting that diagnosis if you didn't have access to insurance, or the chance to even get it.

The diagnosis becomes:

"I AM going to die."

I've always really wanted to like John McCain.

I do admire him.

But to be honest, there are a lot of moments when I wished I knew why he does what he does.

I do hope he can continue to do his job for a little while longer...

...and I hope he thinks long and hard about the healthcare that he receives as he goes through this...

...and I hope he thinks long and hard about the lower-class, or middle-class guy who can't afford to get treated.

And then I hope he votes like he seems to think.

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