Sunday, July 30, 2017

White House Work

I'm thinking that I got a shot.

Reince is out.

Spicy is out.

Mooch is in.

And that's what gives me hope. I can swear like the Mooch!

But it gets more and more odd every day.

Donald is trying to get Sessions to quit so that he might be able to hire someone who could possibly be the stooge to try and fire Mueller to get that pesky witch hunt, that might put the entire family in prison, over with.

Which would certainly set the whole White House aflame.

And that's where I come in!

I was listening to Mooch talk to Chris Cuomo. He threw in so many Italian-American references that I was getting uncomfortable.

Then later he was quoted as saying that Steve Bannon (another guy who might be on the way out) wanted to try and bend himself into a position that would allow him to get to a particular appendage that should not be reached by ones own mouth.

All true stuff!

No fake news!!

And I never watched House of Cards, but I'm thinking that if, as a writer, I would've tried to get such a screenplay published...

...I would've been laughed at.

So, I'm thinking I could work there.

Donald prefers people who say flattering things about him so perhaps that might be a problem, but I could pretend.

And then I could hang out and trade filthy lines with Smooch!

Perhaps I could be the guy who tells all the people who condemn Donald's speeches to go to hell... the Boy Scouts, the police department, the crippled people, the LGBTQ community.

Donald says it.

Smooch verifies it.

I wait for the outrage.

Then I make up profanity-laced statements on where anyone who doesn't like it can go.

Might be fun.

And I might get my chance.

People are getting fired every three hours or so.

We may all get a turn.

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