Monday, July 17, 2017

Free OJ

July 20 is the day.

Orenthal is up for parole after serving 9 years in a country club prison for armed robbery.

Probably a sentence that was a little too long for that specific crime, but there was chatter about the crime he got away with, of course.

I know it was a bit of a country club because there was an hour long special about OJ and his time behind bars.

He still played the Juice in prison.

Still talks about himself in the 3rd person. People still follow him around and want to be with him.

Which is crazy!

Yet, Orenthal always had a way about him.

The Buffalo television station posted a story about his potential release.

There were 41 comments.

40 of them were pro-OJ!!

He gutted two people!

10 of the 40 included the hashtag Bills Mafia in their remarks.

Are you freaking kidding me!

I must admit that I loved OJ as a player. He was dynamic.

I also loved him after he retired.

He was a decent comedic actor.

He did great on the football shows, and he always talked up Buffalo.

But he nearly cut off the head of a woman and a man.

What in God's name would make you write a positive note about him?

He probably will get paroled.

He'll be back on a golf course, and reporters will look for a story on how he's getting along at 70 years old.

But root for him?

You oughta' be ashamed!

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