Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th of July

There's more to being a proud American than just blaring a patriotic song and making threats against those who don't see America exactly as you do.

When it comes to being an American I'm more worried about a lot of things now than I ever was.

Like human rights.

Our constitution was written by a whole bunch of smart guys who had a lot of deep thoughts about how things might go. The checks and balances that were governed in were put in place to make sure that everyone would be represented.

A lot of those rights are being threatened.

Maybe not yours specifically, but those of Americans who have every right to protection of rights that you do.

Nobody wins unless everyone wins.

If the rights are stripped from even one group...we all lose.

Another thing that worries me is that there is an all-out attack on the mainstream media.

I'm sure you've seen the nonsense.

Every single day.

Fake, fraud, lying, crooked.

The White House briefings are short or not held at all. Questions are ignored or flat-out dismissed. There have been fights.

The delegitimization of the media is a plan.

We can't afford for the media to be shut down. They are one of the major checks and balances that I referenced above.

Does the media have it out for one politician?

Perhaps...especially in the mind of that one politician, but most reporters are professional, and will do their very best to ensure that there is integrity.

The attack against the media scares me more than anything else.

The intelligence community has gone to great lengths to let Americans know that a foreign government meddled in our election.

Millions of people are shrugging that off.

That's the 3rd scary thing.

The 4th thing...

...and the most troublesome of them all is the division between the left and the right.

If your a liberal know deep down that the conservatives are not your enemy.

If you're a fan of all that is conservative know that the liberals are Americans too.

Bad behavior is bad behavior.

Both sides are right on some things, both sides are wrong on others.

We used to remember that we are all Americans.

Hopefully during the celebrations today some of that will somehow creep back into the conversation.

I don't hold out a whole lot of hope though...

...but I am still a proud American.

Always have been.

Things just seem a little shaky right now.

Enjoy the day.

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