Saturday, July 8, 2017

$200 Million Dollars

The NBA is currently signing their players for next year and beyond.

All-Star guard Stephon Curry just re-upped with the Golden State Warriors...

...$200 million.

Something like $40 million a year.

My kids didn't blink an eye when they heard the numbers and I suppose it's hard to fathom.

"No one is worth that kind of money!" Is an easy thing to say.

It's true, as well.

Yet, the money is there, right?

Raise the ticket prices. Make it $12 a beer. $8 for a hot dog.

The place will be packed!

The owners will still make their money regardless.

I've always hated that the money is made public. I enjoyed watching sports as a kid, never knowing how much my favorite players were making.

It's nothing new.

Babe Ruth famously made a hundred grand.

"You make more than the president," a reporter said.

"I had a better year," Ruth replied.

There are about 400 NBA Players.

They're freaks of nature.

They're also entertainers.

The money is ridiculous...

...but people won't stop going to the games either.

Shortly after Curry's contract was announced Sammy Watkins of the Bills sent out a tweet that was a bit on the whiny side.

He actually wondered why NFL players were under-paid (by comparison).

Watkins made $6 million last year.

Perhaps Watkins wasn't the guy who should've been bemoaning his paltry salary.

Sammy was butchered by those dreaded trollers, many who get up at the crack of dawn and work until the sun goes down for enough money to simply live on.

So, they're gonna' get paid.

We're still watching.

Let's stop publicizing the salaries.

It doesn't do anyone any good.

Maybe we should do a go-fund me for Sammy.

Poor guy.

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