Sunday, July 23, 2017

Week In Review

Spicy 🌶 out!!

How can we not be disappointed?

I'm thinking that SNL will get one more episode out of it. They have to do something about him quitting, right?

But Spicer was in a bad spot. He certainly tried to go out of his way to make the lies work, but he just couldn't get it done most of the time. They tried to do it off camera so he wouldn't get lambasted, but that didn't go too well either.

I wonder if he got out before he got caught up in what might be a criminal aspect, but he'll resurface somewhere. Good luck to him!

Donald spent a little time yesterday thinking about who he could pardon in the future. I'm thinking he thinks that he could maybe, perhaps, possibly pardon himself.

You think?

Not sure that will work.

He starts throwing out pardons to his kids and cabinet members than maybe some who are defending him may believe that he actually did something wrong.

I actually read his nonsensical interview with the New York Times and I'm truly amazed with his ideas on history.

Napoleon was gonna go, but it was too cold. Lots of people don't know how cold Russia is.

Crazy talk!

Did you happen to catch the story about the kids who watched the homeless man drown?

They were videotaping it and making jokes.

Now they're gonna be arrested for their idiocy.

Amazing where we are regarding the disregard for human life.

I hope they go to prison for awhile.

And of course, OJ will soon be free.

I covered that extensively.

Free to catch the real killers!

That's the week.

Next week will most likely be worse.

Crazy times!

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