Sunday, July 2, 2017

7th Annual Jeff Fazzolari Memorial Thunder Road

There was a moment on Saturday when Johnny looked up at me, as he was eating a bowl of pasta for lunch. He looked up and smiled and I saw Jeff alive in his eyes.

We toyed with the idea of NOT having the softball tournament this year.

Playing ball is a tough go for some of us old dogs now. I only took two at-bats last year and even though I didn't run, I was beat up for a week afterwards.

Carrie was the inspiration to get things back on track again.

"Let's go!" She texted. "We can put it together!"

The date is August 13 at 11 a.m. At the New Oregon Park.

Back where we started!

After Carrie's text I started thinking about all that is right about the day.

The stuffed 🌶 peppers.

The laughs.

The unbelievable auction.

Baltimore representing!!

Friends from all over the country reaching out so that Jeff remains alive in the eyes of John, Farrah and Rocco!

And Mom!!

My mother absolutely loves that the town, and all the people we love show up... bring the love.


"Let's Go!"

Is absolutely right!!

The 🎉 party! The celebration!!

Hope to see you there!!

Sunday, August 13!

11 a.m.

Bring the love!!!

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