Thursday, February 16, 2017

What the Hell Is Going On?

Flynn was forced to resign because he was found to be lying about talking to Russia.

They asked Agent Orange about it and he lied even though he knew about it awhile ago.

Russia had battle ships close to America's coast.

When the new "leader" met with the Prime Minister of Japan he asked him to see if he could be nicer to Russia because it will be better if everyone gets along with Putin.

Fans of all this garbage are now voting in polls for Russia!!!

I'll ask once for the official record:

What in the hell ia going on???

Listen, I don't care if we just get along with everyone. As a peace-loving, bleeding heart I'm all for peace and tranquility, but does any of this make sense to you?

The Mighty Tangerine has fought with the following people:

Rosie O'Donell, Mark Cuban, the Pope, Obama, Jeb Bush, Hiliary and Bill Clinton, the leader of Australia (an ally), the president of Mexico (ally), all of his wives, Ted Cruz, John McCain, the Chinese, Iraq, Alec Baldwin, Iran, 7 middle eastern nations, refugees, the blacks, the Hispanics, Muslims, gays, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Meryl freaking Streep, Chris Christie, the good humor man, pet lovers, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz...

...and everyone in between!


...except Putin and Russia!!!

Does that not concern anyone???


I would love to hear a reasonable explanation for it.

I know it's only been 28 days.

People need time to settle into their jobs...

...but I can't even keep track of all the scandals that we've been through in the time since he was sworn in.

Feel like recapping?

Fought about the size of the crowd, women marched, Muslim ban, voted down in court twice, ObamaCare to be repealed (can't repeal it), Mexico Wall (they won't pay for it) it costs too much...we'll get a better deal, Flynn resigns, Hangs up on Australia, three vacations and 54 holes of golf already, North Korea sets off a missile...discussed over dinner, on an unsecured Android, Ivanka bounced from Nordstrom, Conway lies, Spicer lies, lie after lie after lie after lie. Hate-filled words for everyone....

...except Russia!!!

All together now!!

We all love Russia!!!!

What in the hell is going on????,

Vodka for everyone.

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