Saturday, February 4, 2017

I'll Pray For You

I know a lot about praying.

The nuns made sure that we were saying our prayers all the time. We would go to church and then make our way to the classroom where we would start our day with a few prayers.

Through the years I've started the day in prayer, ended the day in prayer and said a few in between.

Yet social media has kind of turned me off to it all because every day we see it played out:

"Thoughts and prayers."

"You're in my prayers."

"Praying for you."

I kinda' wish we had a way of knowing whether someone is honestly doing what they say they're doing.

I also bring it up because Donald the Dope was at a breakfast prayer where he said "the hell with it" while telling a story and then crapped all over the prayer theme by saying he was praying for Arnold, who's rating on the Celebrity Apprentice were "nothing like Trump."

(He was joking about praying for ratings the day after a Navy Seal and an 8-year old died in a failed American raid in Yemen that he signed off on....why waste a prayer on them?)


Whenever there is a mass shooting all the people who might do something about stopping mass shootings instead write:

"Thoughts and Prayers."

So, the nuns may not specifically understand it, but I feel that prayer has been cheapened a little.

The final thing on the subject:

I don't feel right announcing who I might be praying for.

I have prayed for comfort, for peace, for understanding, for people suffering and for acceptance.

I have never actually prayed for higher TV ratings though... maybe I'm gonna' go to hell after all.

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