Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Easy Like Sunday Morning

The sun has been shining in Buffalo.

Maybe there is a climate change problem coming like all the scientists say (it's just a theory I've been told, by non-scientists) but if it calls in the sun in February...even for a few days...I'll take it at this point.

My Mom and my beautiful wife decided to do Bingo so my day would center around getting the pasta ready.


The hip is bothering me again.

So, lot of time off my feet, hang with the dogs, read a little.

I stayed away from any stories that dealt with the news and especially politics.

Checked out every baseball story I could find.

Ordered a new book for the phone.

A little paperwork...a movie...a new series on television.


Sunday has always had a special feel. When we were kids it all centered around dinner. We'd all play ball...everyone was home.

At night we'd all gather in the same room and watch the same shows...

...I keep thinking about The Jeffersons...

...I know they were on Sunday night.

Most likely all we need is the time to decompress and relax. I purposely did it on Sunday.

No pressure.





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