Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Big Cupcake

That dude was at a basketball game on Saturday.

The game was out in public.

He was sitting quietly because his team was down 20 and the guy he went to make fun of had about 30 points by that time.

The game was Oklahoma City versus Golden State and I knew all about it because my boys started talking about it on Wednesday.

"We got the big television on Saturday at 8:30," Jake announced.

Saturday at 8:30 is pretty high real estate when it comes to the television. We do watch the occasional movie around then.

"Why's that?" I asked.

"Durant is going back to OKC. It's going to be crazy."

Sam came out of the bedroom wearing a Durant jersey from his days in Oklahoma City.

At least he wasn't in a cupcake uniform.

And my boys were split on why they no longer liked Kevin Durant.

"He wasn't loyal," Jake said.

"I don't like his game," Sam offered.

Yet it was easy to see what the people from OKC thought about their former best player.

They hate him now.

Because he switched jerseys.

Like Seinfeld said:

"We're rooting for laundry."

Durant did a lot of good in that city and state. Kids loved him. His name was everywhere. He gave to local charities.

Then his contract ran out and he was free to play wherever he wanted to play.

He didn't choose Oklahoma.

He went to the team that beat them last year.

Now he's a cupcake.

The cupcake chant echoed through the building.

The guy you see sitting there quietly was very boisterous early on.

Golden State shut them all up, actually.

But more than anything else I thought about that guy getting dressed before the game...

...downing beer, getting the paint applied, spewing verbal hatred at cupcake, downing beer, finding he perfect hood, swearing, downing beer, screaming that OKS 'will beat his ass anyway!'

and then having a beer.

Funny stuff.

"How'd you like the game?" I asked Jake on Sunday morning.

"Was fun. Still don't like Durant."

"Yeah. He's a cupcake."

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