Saturday, February 18, 2017

Big Trouble

I am hesitant to do this, but I'm always honest about my day and my thoughts.

On Thursday afternoon I was driving from one site to another and I hit a button on the satellite radio, going from entertainment to news.

The president was giving a press conference.

 I listened for at least a half-an-hour.

"Fake news".


"I've never had anything to do with Russia."

There were run-on incoherent sentences, belittling people asking questions, telling stories, losing his train of thought and sniffing, sniffing and more sniffing.

I had a bunch of random thoughts:

1). He's on drugs.

He honestly can't go three words without sniffing. It was apparent during the debates, but it is even more apparent when just listening to him on the radio.

2). He talks in circles.

The "answers" are slow in coming. Around and around. When cornered he hammers favorite targets:

The Clintons (who are not involved).

The lying media.

Fake news.

3). He always doubles backs to him.

"Biggest electoral college win since Reagan."

"It's taking the longest time ever to fill my cabinet."

"We've done more than any president ever."

Those are all false statements, but in his world...that's the real news...everything else is FALSE!

4). We're in Big Trouble

He said that his administration is running like a finely tuned machine.

The ban was rolled out perfectly.

Flynn was fired.

His spokesman was reprimanded for doing a Ivanka Trump commercial.

The Navy Seal turned down the NSA appointment.

There is a BREAKING NEWS update every three hours.

Big trouble.

Thankfully I arrived at my final site for the day.

I was glad to get away from the radio.

My stomach was churning.

I replayed the bumbling, stumbling, rambling words over and over.

Big Trouble.

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