Monday, February 13, 2017

Good Riddance

Read an obit for a Galveston, Texas man online.

Seems the guy won't be missed much.

The family printed the words for the 74-year old man and ended it with the line:

"I guess it proves that evil does die."

The man, Leslie Chipring, was a real piece of work.

At least his family believed so.

The family made note of his drinking, womanizing, terrorizing, belittling and overall nastiness. The not so kind words also referenced that he enjoyed killing off the family pets.

My favorite line in the remembrance was this one:

"He was sort of smart, but he used his intelligence for his own selfish garbage."

(I'm paraphrasing).

The man, it said, would not be missed and that there would be no service.

His remains would be used in the barn.


What a life!!

I sort of laughed at such a nasty turn, but by the time I finished reading it I was sad for his entire family.

The miserable bastard must have been hell on wheels.

You gotta' wonder about such a life.

Most of us want to do something or be someone who makes a mark, or leave a legacy of sorts.

I suppose that being remembered forever as a worthless piece of cow dung is a legacy of sorts, right?

You just wonder what happens there...

...mental illness perhaps?

...getting off on being mean?

Either way, good old Leslie will be long remembered it seems... garbage.

RIP, Leslie.

The family has peace without you.

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