Wednesday, February 1, 2017

He's the Greatest

If the Patriots somehow lose this weekend I'm going to take a lot of garbage.

If I win a square I won't really care, but the thing that drives me nuts is that here in Buffalo, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are roundly hated.

I get it!

The Buffalo Bills have had their brains beat out for a long time.

17 years without playoffs.

And the Pats have also been on the wrong side of the NFL a couple of times.


But put up with my argument for a moment.

The New England Patriots are flat-out amazing.

They have simply dominated a sport that is set up for parity.

They have done it year in and year game at a time with the simple working phrase:

Do Your Job!!!

I started out admiring the things that they did to prepare for a game.

Then I marveled at Brady putting the ball in the right spot...time after time after time...then Hoodie made me laugh with his pre and post game conferences.

I slowly became a fan of the way they played. Even though they're from Boston (where I hate the freaking suck sux).

But then I wanted to get under the skin of everyone around here.

So I bought a Pats hat.

(That almost got me killed at the Christmas party).

They win at least 10 games every year.

They are prepared.


They don't care who hates them.

Which annoys everyone, right?

But here's the thing...and I tell my kids the same thing all the a brilliant performer and appreciate the brilliance...even if you hate them.

I was never a Michael Jordan fan.

I don't much care for Floppy the Crybaby.

Wayne Gretzky used to score three a game against the beloved Sabres.

But I appreciated them!

Tom Brady is called every possible name here in Buffalo. 

Last year after the Denver game, when he got up every time after being hit 23 times, and almost winning the game without a line or a RB...

...there was a photo of him in a ballerina dress.

Call him all the names you want...

... but if  he stands in the confetti this year...

call him one other name:


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