Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Do Your Job

Breaking news:

I have a big mouth.

I was actually looking forward to the Super Bowl because I wanted to see New England win it and I wanted to see Goodell get booed.

I woke up feeling lousy though.

Headache, sinus crap, barking legs.

There were parties to go to...but I was worn out!

We did make it to my brothers which was fun (great eats, laughs) but we were a quiet group moving around.

Except me.

I was giving the family a sermon on why New England was there. (No, not cheating). Preparation, organization and a Do Your Job attitude that allows the unit to function better.

My subtle jabs weren't going over well.

"You like Hoodie cause he's a miserable bastard," my beautiful wife said.

"A miserable bastard...with a goal!" I reminded.

Well, you can imagine how the first half was going for me.

Friends who know I like the Pats and their motto were unmerciful.

The boys were jabbing me with how great the Falcons were.

"New England doesn't look prepared," I said.

It was surprising!

(But I did win the first quarter square...so...oh well).

I was just shocked.

Yet the lesson grows deeper here.

There will be adversity along the way.

Keep doing your job!

Tom Brady never blinked.

His belief in himself, while shaken, wasn't broken.

Same with the miserable bastard:

They got close.

Got the ball back down one score with 3 minutes left.

"Piece of cake," I told the boys.

"Shut up," they told me.

Tie game.

Coin flip goes to Pats.

I think that ten million people groaned.

They knew it was over.

Brady didn't NOT complete a pass on the winning drive.

Everyone on that side did their job.

Precise and organized.

"I knew it," Sam said. "Even when they were down 28-3 I knew they'd be in the confetti."

I felt better.

They did their job.

I slept a little...

...got up to do mine.

By the time I got up...everyone was out of the house already...off to do theirs.

Makes the unit better.

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