Thursday, February 9, 2017

Public or Private School

Make no mistake.

It's all about money.

We hear a lot about graduation rates and what is right or wrong for the children.

It's easy to act compassionate about one side or the other on the subject of educating children, but rest assured...

...the money is what is driving things.

I went to public school for kindergarten then spent grades 1-6 at a Catholic school before returning to public school for grades 7-12 and then finishing up my education at a private university.

There was never a time during my educational years where I felt like I was being cheated. We had money available during those years. There were uniforms and equipment for the sports teams. We all got books. Our parents would provide some of the supplies, but there didn't seem to be an eternal battle over every dime.

Maybe there was - I was just a kid!

The teachers worked hard to influence us, and we were expected to work hard.

I'm thinking that the last sentence is still true today. My children have had both good and bad teachers...but the premise hasn't changed.

We pay plenty in school taxes...

...and we have paid plenty for additional things that the kids have needed. When the children were in Catholic school there was a ton of cash handed out.

So. Here we are.

There appears to be a war on the horizon.

Public schools are garbage!!!

We have to do better at making sure kids graduate!!!

The public schools are flush with cash!!!

All those above things have been said out loud lately.

The nomination of DeVos is going to keep the argument on the front burner, and plenty will be said about how "we're only thinking of the children!"

Don't believe it for the second.

The debate is about money.

And how we can bleed it dry...or make a profit off it.


It's all about the green!!!

No matter what type of school you go to, or send your kids too, the money is the key.

Everything else...including the welfare of the simply a pawn in the game.

And that's a damn shame.

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