Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Earth Is Flat

Kyrie Irving scored the game-winning basket in the NBA Finals last year.

He also attended Duke University.

Seems like a reasonable guy.

Well, he made news on Friday because on a podcast somewhere he announced that the world is flat.

Wasn't joking either.

He explained that all this circle crap is just garbage that we're fed from an early age, and that it's not a theory. He KNOWS the earth is flat. You know, because it doesn't feel like we're walking on a circular pattern.

Watching Irving in an interview discussing the matter, I almost believed him...

...Except he went into the "fake information" spiel that appears to be all the rage these days.

New rules:

If something is reported that doesn't fit your narrative it doesn't necessarily mean that it is fake.

It might be because YOU are wrong!!!!

Now, Irving appears to truly believe that the earth truly is flat.

He says that he has proof.

He didn't offer any.

I'm unsure as to why THEY (whoever they are) might conspire to trick us all into thinking that the planets are spherical...

...But Irving isn't playing!

It's flat!!!

You shouldn't just take what the teachers tell you at face value!

Just because they're telling you it's not flat doesn't make it not flat!!!

You have to think for yourself!!!!

Okay then...

...Got it!

Thanks, Kyrie!

Watch where you're walking...

...Don't wanna' go over the edge.

I'm thinking it'll be a long drop.

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