Saturday, February 4, 2017

Super Bowl Predictions

It's all about winning a square or two, right?

Yet there are a whole bunch of side bets that are taken.

Over-under the number of points scored.

Coin flip heads or tails.

What color hoodie will Hoodie wear?

Does Lady Gaga show us a nipple?

Finally, who will win?

What's the final score?

Well... luck might have it, I know all of it before the game begins...

...after all...

I did have the Patriots in the game and I did that before the season even started!!

Aren't I amazing?

(Spoiler alert: they will probably be back next year.)

But here goes:

Hoodie will wear a grey hoodie.

The coin will be tails.

The Falcons will win the toss and defer. The Pats will start with the ball and will be winning 7-0 four minutes later.

The first quarter will end:

Pats 10 Falcons 0

The first half will end:

Pats 20 Falcons 10.

(I have zero-zero for my big square).

Lady Gaga will not show a nip.

She will make a political statement against the Big Orange One.

The over-under is 59, I believe.

That will be shattered.

The MVP will be Tom Brady.

The final score will be Pats 34 Falcons 26.

(Numbers shift at half so I will finish with 4 & 6 or 6 & 4).

So I won't cry if it ends up 36-34 either.


Brady & Hoodie get ring #5.

I win every square for each quarter in every pool I enter.

I collect my prize money on Monday.

My beautiful wife steals it all by Tuesday morning.

By Wednesday I'm broke again!

Enjoy the game!!

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