Monday, February 20, 2017

Keep Punching

My brother John has a signed photo of Rocky Marciano who remains the only heavyweight champion of the world who is undefeated.


Rocky signed it:

"Keep Punching."

I think of that autograph a lot.

Life can really work on people.

A couple of weeks ago a buddy of mine told me about the double-shift he was pulling while being deathly sick with the flu.

"Sometimes life is too ridiculous to live," I texted back.

That is a Mellencamp line.

I think of that lyric a lot.

Last week I spent the first three days of the week with buzzing legs. My theory is that when the back muscles get tight the buzzing begins. Massage and rest sometimes takes the buzzing away. It got so bad early on that I used epsom salt and a foot bath as I watched a NetFlix show.

Keep Punching.

Sometimes life is too ridiculous to live.

The foot bath worked!

The buzzing stopped!!

And the ache in my hip started!!!

First job the next day?

A straight ladder to the roof deck.

Keep Punching!

Sometimes life is too ridiculous to live.

But the week came to a close.

The dogs were waiting to go bye-bye.

The kids were looking for fun.

Spring Training Started!

The sun came out in Buffalo!!

Punched my way through it.

So did my buddy with the flu.

So did my beautiful wife and her four straight 5 a.m. days.

The more you punch...

...the less ridiculous it becomes.

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