Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Knicks

My first recolllection of the NBA involved the 1969-1970 NBA Finals.

I loved the Los Angeles Lakers because of Wilt, Baylor and West.

They got beat by the New York Knicks in 7 games. I remember it really well because my Dad was going for the Knicks with Clyde Frazier and Willis Reed.

I was only 5 years old, but if I close my eyes I can still see the Game 7 final score on our small television screen:

New York 113 
Los Angeles 99

Of course, Wilt and the Lakers soon got revenge, ripping off 33 straight and going 69-13 to win the title during the 71' and 72' season.

Then the Knicks won again in '73-'74 and I appreciated that team.

I actually started to root hard for them when Ewing, Starks and Oakley were there.

But they could never get over the hump and they've been pretty awful for a long while. James Dolan bought the team and brought Carmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson (a player on the old teams and a 10-time title winner).

It's been a shit show since.

The entire gig hit rock bottom this week.

Oakley bought a ticket behind Dolan.

Perhaps there were a few drinks purchased before the game.

Oakley, evidently, was verbally hammering the owner.

Security got involved.

Oakley went nuts.

Escorted out. 

The television cameras caught it all. The crowd was chanting for Oakley. The fans are tired of losing.

Dolan responded by banning Oakley for life...from MSG.

The entire thing stinks. The Knicks being great would be awesome for basketball and while I may be feeling a bit nostalgic for Clyde, Bradley, Reed and Earl the Pearl.

Obviously Oakley didn't pick a great venue to go after the owner of the team. Yet he will certainly have the fans on his side. During the Knicks 4th straight loss on Friday night, with Dolan sitting there, the fans chanted Oakley's name over and over.

1970 was a long time ago.

The Knicks are evidently still paying for making me sad when I was 5.

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