Thursday, February 23, 2017


Milo is in the news.

Big long last name...

...OK don't feel like looking it up to get the spelling right...

...He ain't worth it.

Milo is the big shot at Breitbart.

He said a lot about whether or not children...


...are decent sex partners for adults.

I couldn't even get through the reading of the statement.

Milo was talking about it being okay if the 13-year-old appeared to be sexually mature enough as opposed to one who isn't.

The thing about it is that Milo was going to speak at Stanford.

Remember that?

Those damn, filthy liberals protested it and Milo didn't get to speak.

The Tangerine threatened to cut off the Federal funding to the school.

Now this.

The book deal that Milo had was canceled.

Everyone and their brother spoke out against his vile comments and Milo came back with this:

"I'm not going anywhere!"

Well, here's hoping that Milo doesn't get anymore time anywhere.

There are certainly things that we can all agree on, right?

Children are children.

Rape is rape.

Milo is an a**hole.


...what garbage.

Good thing that no one associated with that hate-filled group doesn't have anything to do with our government, right?

What's that?

President Bannon used to run it?


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