Friday, February 10, 2017

Cold & Dark

I'm not a big fan of February.

It's too cold and dark, and the sports world has gone quiet, unless basketball catches your interest...

...or hockey, I suppose.

I don't watch much of either in February. Their seasons are only halfway.

I also am forced to do a lot of talking during these 28 days. Just about every single one of my construction clients does their safety day during February... a lot of time on my feet, talking, telling jokes and stories.

They feed me well!

There is news on the baseball front as pitchers and catchers are packing up their gear to head south.

March Madness has Sam all abuzz and there are games here in Buffalo for round one and Villanova is expected to be here..., as usual, Sam will fire everything up.

What can be done to change the mood of February?

I sure the hell don't want to read the news anymore!

Any ideas???

I'm not going snowmobiling.

I tried to ski down a hill twice...

...didn't go well either time and I can't walk up a flight of stairs without grabbing the handrail now.

So that leaves...



...reading, writing and food!

That's February!

Embrace the cold and the dark!

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