Monday, February 27, 2017

Nerve Gas

Pretty crazy the way that the half-brother of Kim Jong Un bought it, huh?

Two women killers came up behind him and wiped a poison on his face that caused him to drop.

One of them got pretty sick just because she had it on her gloved hands.

Crazy shit.

They devised a poison so deadly that if it makes contact with your skin:


That's the stuff of spy movies. I'm sure that Kim Jong Dong, (or whatever his name was) didn't actually believe that such a thing was possible.

A few things come to mind:

1). North Korea doesn't play around.

2). The weapons of map destruction angle of it is disconcerting. They killed him by wiping their hands on his face. What if that weapon was sent out in a cloud where a whole bunch of people are gathered?

3). What's Dennis Rodman doing?

You think he could make some time in his schedule to go back over there and make sure that North Korea is all good with the enormous Orange one?

What is going to happen when the golfer-in-chief sends a nasty tweet to Kim Jong?

I'm sure that there's a whole lot about the spy game that we know nothing about. People being wiped out by someone coming up behind them and wiping their hands across their face.


I gotta' stop reading the news.

One nasty thing after another.

He did that to his half-brother!!


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