Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl Memories

I didn't always make fun of football.

In fact, I used to really love it.

Today will mark what is at least 40 years of watching the super bowl.

We all watch it.

It consumes our society.

Parties, bets, then the game. Usually everything is so hyped up for the two weeks before that it's impossible to NOT watch.

I recall the first party I went to.

It was for the Eagles and the Raiders in 1980.

We all just wanted to see a good game. It seemed that everyone wanted the Eagles to win because Ron Jaworski was from Buffalo. I didn't care either way. The Raiders hammered them.

In college the parties were more epic.

The games, it seemed were worse.

55-10, 45-10, 35-10....

...the whole country was watching and the games were brutal!

I remember watching Joe Montana lead the 49ers over the Bengals. I watched that one alone. I was living in Connecticut. Game ended on a final drive. Finally a good game.

Watched it alone.

Of course, things got really interesting for Buffalo people in the early 90's.

I distinctly recall how sad I was the day after the loss to the Giants. I knew Norwood would miss it. My buddy Jeff Renaldo watched that one with me at my parents home.

Then the Bills got hammered by Washington. We had rented a hall for that one. A million beers.

Then the Bills got blasted by Dallas. We were playing video games by the middle of the 3rd quarter.

Then the Bills made it back for their 4th straight Super Sunday. The happiness of seeing them take the field in front of the entire country was gone.

They had to win one!!!


Got whipped again!

So...the allure of the big game was lost on me.

Since 1995 it's been all about the squares.

I can't even tell you who won which year.

Pats-Titans was a good game.

Bruce was great at halftime in the one game I barely glanced at in 2009 as Jeff was in the hospital.

There have been some horrible games.

Ray Lewis and Peyton Manning retired after winning.

Some of the games seemed scripted.

I was genuinely happy when Seattle tried to throw it in from the one.

I didn't see Janet Jackson's nip slip. I was in the bathroom.

Lately I have watched the games with my boys.

We all have a rooting interest by game time.

We usually have a pizza or two.

The game rarely lives up to the hype.

We never speak about the concussed former players.

We all agree that football is about the 3rd or 4th best sport...

...and still we watch.

Go Pats!

Come on March Madness and Spring Training!

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