Friday, February 3, 2017

Black History Month

There was a breakfast at the White House to kick off Black History Month.

The new president's speech will bring tears to your eyes.


Tears of laughter.

It appears that the orange one may have mistakenly believed that Frederick Douglass would be making even more contributions in the coming months.

Which would certainly be something since he passed on in 1895.

Yet, the beautiful words about Martin Luther King Jr. more than made up for it.

Donald spoke about the bust of MLK Jr. that was reported to be removed from the room in the White House where it had been positioned during the Obama's years.

Skipping right over the accomplishments of the civil rights icon, the narcissistic chief instead spoke of the fake news that is dogging him.

CNN is a joke. Fox is good.

During the rest of the speech we heard about Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman...

...she evidently built a railroad that traveled under the ground.

Beautiful stuff!!

Yet no epic speech is complete unless some consideration is given to the future.

Ben Carson is gonna' help...

...big league.

Those inner cities...

...where our leader has never been.

Are horrible!!!


Gonna' get better

Or he's gonna' make 'em fix it.

Lately I have been trying hard to just skip the news.

Things will continue.

People will protest and some will cave. Deals will be made. People will be nominated and there will be countless hours wasted debating who is competent and who is grossly incompetent.

And both sides will do self-serving things that make money for everyone but those of us in the trenches.

So why get down about it?

But I make speeches.

I know how it feels to control a room, make a few points, and highlight what needs to be highlighted.

I was embarrassed to the core after reading the transcript of that speech.

Sloppily done.

No regard to the people he was supposed to be honoring.

Actually unaware of the people who deserved to be recognized.

It's a speech that will truly make you cry.

What a damn shame.

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