Saturday, February 11, 2017


Jake was a tough baby.

He actually couldn't stand the sight of me.

Either he was held by my beautiful wife or my mother-in-law, or he cried.


He was always going nuts actually and as he grew to be a toddler he would show his displeasure by absolutely trashing his room.

"He acts like Keith Moon," I remember telling Kathy.

Like the legendary WHO drummer, Jake would obliterate his sleeping quarters. One day he had everything he owned in the center of his room and luckily he didn't have access to matches or he would've started it all on fire.

We learned the way to deal with it:

"Ignore his rants. He's doing it to get a reaction," Kathy schooled me.

It was hard not to match his insanity with a rant of my own...

...but we did it.

Jake is now a well-tempered young man. He reasons through things and does not go
batshit crazy when things don't break the right way.

Most of us grow in such a fashion, but over the last three weeks we've all been exposed to a colossal baby.



"I'm being treated unfairly!!"

When all else fails, the leader of the free world calls people names.




I've tried to employ the same philosophy.

Ignore the rants.

But they come every 3 hours!!!

The Trumpertantrum!!

How long can it go on?

Over/under has to be six months.


My tweet just buzzed.

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