Sunday, February 26, 2017

Leave Baseball Alone

MLB is working on trying to "speed" up my game.

Stop it!!!

Last year a team tried to intentionally walk Yankees stud rookie Gary Sanchez. One of the intentional bad pitches got too close and Sanchez hit it for a 2-run double.

That won't happen this year.

MLB is saving 30 seconds by changing something that happens every third or fourth game by making the intentional walk automatic.


The commish is also looking to put in a clock so pitchers throw a pitch every 20 seconds. There's discussions going on to limit the number of pitching changes.

Cut it out!!!

What will be the net result?

Cutting games from 3 hours to 2:56?

Does anyone mention it when it comes to football?

That game has 11 minutes of action in a 4 hour presentation. The bells and whistles amuse their fans.

Baseball fans don't need to be artificially stimulated.

Check it:

Football games that begin at 1 pm are ending at 4:30.

No pace of their play has been discussed.

I enjoy baseball for a lot of reasons unbeknownst to the casual fan. I know every player coming up to the plate 3 innings later. I understand why there is a lefty warming and why he is being replaced a batter later.

I understand that playing every day makes managers make certain decisions.

Leave it alone!!

The commish is taking about pulling kids in.

I get that...

...but my kids love the sport.

They watch a hundred games a year.

It's the greatest game.

Stop making it football.

They need bells and whistles.

'Cause their game sucks.

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