Saturday, October 22, 2016

Your Phone Is Ringing

Having a real rough go of it with the phones.

As we last talked about, I was working with a phone that had a cracked front.

No big deal...

...but then the home button disappeared.

"I can fix that," Jake said.

He put a button on the phone that allowed me to move around.

I could deal with that.

But then I was using my headphones on a trip and I broke the headphone tip off in the port.


But then the phone rang and I was able to talk to the other person on speaker!

I couldn't live with that.

So, I consulted the family maintenance department and the head of the department said that she could start a claim that would get me a new phone...

...I had the insurance.

It would only cost me $200!

"Do it!" I said.

We got the phone. I waited patiently as all my new stuff was added.

The next day I went to sites...

...all excited!

I could talk, navigate and take photos.


I dropped it.

3 hours after putting it into action... was shattered.


Thankfully we hadn't yet sent the first phone back so I was able to nurse it through the week.

Phone #2 was repaired.

It only cost me $140.00 more!

"We can't afford $340 a month for your phones," the head of maintenance explained.

Wish me luck!

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