Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Horrific Behavior

Reading the Sunday paper.

Guy in Buffalo received a feature article in the Buffalo News because he has a noose hanging from the porch rafters just below his Trump Mafia sign. Some of his neighbors are peeved because they see the noose as having racial overtones.

The guy said that he doesn't mean to be racial. His rambling, nonsensical explanation of the noose did not sway me.

I was reading a bit of Twitter during the Bills home game. Watching as little football as I ever have, but when they're playing a mile from the house it's difficult to ignore everything.

There was a 9-second clip of people playing a game called "Hit the Muslim."

A dummy dressed up to look like Colin Kapernick was shown being drilled by a woman.

Not easy to see which one is the dummy.

"Buffalo being Buffalo!" The comment section declared.

That's embarrassing.

Not to be undone there was another video of a woman, her pants at her knees, guy behind her....mouth in motion on her backside.

More whooping and hollering in the comment section.

"Bills fans having fun tailgating!!!"


How can you you live with being a participant in such an activity?

Will those people wake up ashamed??

We now have a presidential candidate screaming that the election is "rigged". There appears a better than average chance that the contest is over.

Yet the "I'm being cheated talk" is not just sour grapes.

It's dangerous!

Extremely dangerous.

"We have to be ready for a revolution!" One man put out there for all the world to see. "I have my weapons ready. We need to shoot black kids in the back."


Is writing something like that not a crime?

Are not all of the items mentioned illegal?

Isn't the candidate now inviting violence?

The candidate who is opposing him must go to prison?

That's 3rd world stuff.

All of it is.

Although one man's crime is another man's fun, I suppose.

"I've lived a long time," my Mom said as we spoke on Saturday morning. "I've never been more disgusted by what I've been seeing."

Me neither.

It should be stopped.


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