Monday, October 17, 2016

"I Don't Care About Your Feelings!"

The title of this blog is a tee-shirt being worn by some fans of one of the presidential candidates.

There is an additional word in there, ending in 'ing' between 'Your' and 'Feelings'.

And that right there might be the absolute theme of this entire campaign.

It is also the true shame of the matter.

We have to get rid of the political correctness!

I've heard that shouted from the mountaintops.

Don't get your feelings hurt if I call you a name that is meant to be demeaning!

What gets me about that is that it is coming from the same people who don't care for the fact that someone says 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Merry Christmas'.

So what are the rules?

We can call someone fat, stupid, gay, Islamic, Muslim, pigs, whores, bitches and worse?

But put 'X-Mas' on a greeting and you're off my friends list?

I never got the nastiness attached to the fact that someone gets in trouble for saying something absolutely nasty.

A few years ago Jonah Hill, who makes his living as a comedian, was verbally attacked by a fan.

He attacked back by shouting a homophobic slur that was extremely common years and years ago. My friends, family, everyone used the exact same word to joke about one another.

The term is demeaning to a group of people. We understand that now. Hill was rightfully hammered for shouting the word. It's a word that my kids now know is not to be used.

"This political correct crap sucks!" 

People screamed as Hill apologized to anyone and everyone for saying such a thing. Hill, to his credit, understood that he had offended people. He was extremely sincere in his apology. He explained that he hadn't meant it to be demeaning to anyone other than the guy who had angered him.

News Flash!

We should care about one another's feelings!

One presidential candidate making fun of another candidates physical appearance isn't right.

A group of people making fun of someone else's religion, who they love, or how they feel isn't right!

Calling someone a 'fat pig' in pure anger, isn't right!

The nastiness of this campaign is something that will live on for years and years.

When I was first married my Dad told me:

"When you are arguing don't say something so nasty that it can't really be taken back."

We are saying things that can't be taken back...and justifying pining for political troublesome.

"If she wins we have to grab our assault rifles and exercise our 2nd amendment rights!"

I saw that sentence written on a social media Twitter feed.

That's horrible!

There have been a lot of names thrown around during this election season.

Some of those words can't be taken back.

Will we survive?

It actually all depends on one thing:

Caring about each other's feelings.

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