Thursday, October 20, 2016

The News!!!

Melania Trump was asked what she thought when she heard the old tape. Her first response was (she said):

"Donald, the language is inappropriate."

Who actually believes that it went down like that?

I can imagine what Kathy might say!

"The language is inappropriate" might take a back seat to "Get the hell out of my house, you creepy bastard."

She went on to explain that the poor 59-year-old guy was egged on by Billy Bush.


She has to start watching who her senior citizen hangs out with...bad influences can stunt the growth of an adolescent mind.

And to be fair and balanced:

Don't you think that Hillary needs an IT guy?

She certainly comes across as someone, like me, who is challenged by technology. I can imagine asking my wife or kids.

"Why is there a big 'C' on all the damn documents? Does that stand for Clifford?"

How about the guy who shot at Zimmerman getting 20 years?

Isn't it ironic?

Zimmerman showed up to chastise the guy about being reckless with human life.

How about the dude who was being interviewed and flat-out stated his attentions to kill Clinton if she became president?

If you didn't see that interview, look it up.

Guy might be the dumbest human ever!

He was pressed by the reporter and he made a complete ass of himself by saying:

"I'll be a patriot if I have to."


Watching a lot of baseball around here.

My kids are also fired up about the Bills and Sabres.

Yet I must be completely lost at living life because I can't understand how or why anyone would watch an NFL, NHL or NBA game and think that baseball is boring.

The baseball games have been epically entertaining and although I have watched very little football this year...

...I have often spent the latter portions of the games wondering:

"How much freaking time is left in this garbage?"

That's some of the news from here.

Anyone else sick of the election coverage, or hearing from a friend about how he or she will ruin us forever?

Whole bunch of nastiness.

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